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Bobcatalog 2013

Enhancing the beauty of British Columbia’s Fraser Valley landscape

A Bobcat V417 telescopic tool carrier helps family-owned Timmermans Landscaping enhance the inherent beauty of this scenic suburban Vancouver setting.

The Bobcat V417 telescopic tool carrier helps Erik Timmermans with tasks
that require a compact machine with more reach and higher lifting abilities.

The Bobcat V417 telescopic tool carrier helps Erik Timmermans with tasks that require a compact machine with more reach and higher lifting abilities.

When immigrant Case Timmermans came to British Columbia from his native Netherlands in 1976, he was mesmerized by the spectacular scenery and lush landscape surrounding the Vancouver metropolitan area. Shortly thereafter, he realized that it was his love of nature and heartfelt desire to be a landscaper that prompted this Dutch native to pursue his professional calling.

So, in 1977, with a wheelbarrow, a shovel and a whole lot of energy and determination, his dream came true when he founded Timmermans Landscaping in the city of Abbotsford, British Columbia. He was later joined by his brother Erik, who helped Case grow the business. Today, more than 35 years later, Timmermans Landscaping — the company that still bears his name and remains family-owned and operated — is one of the most successful commercial and residential landscaping companies in the Vancouver area.

Loyal Bobcat equipment enthusiasts

For more than a decade and a half, the Timmermans managed their landscaping operation with a lot of sweat, hard work and a couple of well-used tractors. Then, in 1991, Case became acquainted with Bobcat® equipment — specifically the skid-steer loader — a device he considered a miraculous machine and a landscaper’s dream. Case purchased his first skid-steer loader later that year, and has since expanded the number in the company’s fleet of Bobcat equipment to more than a dozen, which includes a Bobcat V417 telescopic tool carrier (telehandler), purchased in 2007 from Bobcat Country Equipment.

“We specialize in landscape construction and also do a lot of landscaping maintenance work,” Erik says. “The V417 tool carrier with extended reach is ideal for loading and hauling bricks and stone; and for reaching balconies and higher-level decks and patios. The V417 basically replaced the wheelbarrow and has eliminated a lot of backbreaking labor. It is the perfect equipment for reaching into and over areas that we can’t with anything else.”

The Timmermans brothers also like the versatility of the V417. Using the pallet fork attachment, crews can transport pallets of brick to within inches of a hardscape construction site — eliminating a lot of manual labor — reducing the incidence of injury and helping expedite the completion of jobs more efficiently.

“The V417 tool carrier helps us get jobs done quicker,” Erik says. “It cuts down on the amount of landscape construction material-handling we have to do manually. We use it to complete a lot of different chores on a jobsite.

“We have quite a range of Bobcat equipment models in our fleet and each is very versatile and reliable. In addition to the V417, we also have several Bobcat skid-steer loaders and compact track loaders. When the weather is damp and grounds are muddy and the conditions become challenging, there’s a Bobcat equipment model in our fleet that can handle just about any type of condition on any jobsite. They are all reliable and have made easy work of a lot of the manual labor our crews were doing before.”