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Spring 2013

New Bobcat hydrostatic drive utility vehicles deliver improved productivity

3650 utility vehicle with angle broom

3650 utility vehicle with angle broom

Bobcat Company adds two new utility vehicles — the 3600 and 3650 — featuring hydrostatic drive, an optional enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning, and front-mounted PTO attachment operation

For buildings and grounds professionals and homeowners with acreage who want to work more efficiently, Bobcat Company is introducing two new hydrostatic drive utility vehicles, the 3600 and 3650. These new models expand the current lineup of Bobcat® utility vehicles, bringing the total to five models that offer industry-leading features, such as operating front-mounted PTO attachments with the 3650.

Leading comfort features

NEW: 3600 UTV

NEW: 3600 UTV

Comfort is king and these utility vehicles are no exception. Available for the first time from Bobcat, the 3600 and 3650 hydrostatic drive utility vehicles are available with an enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning. Operators are protected from outdoor elements while still getting work done from inside the climate-controlled cab. It also protects operators from dirt and dust when mowing and sweeping.

Make easy adjustments to the tilt steering wheel, and enjoy the power steering for smooth driving and turning. There is ample legroom and foot space to accommodate passengers of different sizes. A three-person bench seat is standard for the 3600, although two-passenger bucket seats are standard on the 3650 model to accommodate the joystick control for attachment operation.

Improved uptime protection

NEW: 3650 UTV

NEW: 3650 UTV

Built for durability, Bobcat utility vehicles help operators maintain uptime with minimal maintenance — ideal for grounds maintenance applications or homeowners with chores to finish. An engine shutdown feature protects utility vehicle owners and their investment. The 24-horsepower diesel engine will shut down if it experiences high engine coolant temperature, low engine oil pressure or high hydraulic oil temperature. The engine’s liquid cooling protects engine components from overheating, and components are kept cooler at higher RPMs.

Standard protection features include a skid plate, CV boot guards plus a PTO shaft guard (available for the 3650). These items protect important vehicle components from damage when traveling over rough terrain, logs or rocks. These protections are often available only as options on other utility vehicle brands.

A hydrostatic drive system on the 3600 and 3650 has a two-speed motor that is more durable when pulling or hauling heavy loads without compromising speed. It is a commercial design to perform remarkably well in the most demanding applications. Dynamic braking is also a benefit of the hydrostatic system. The operator simply presses the pedal forward to move the utility vehicle, and then back off the pedal to slow down, making it easy to operate.

Increased productivity

3600 UTV pulling a trailer

3600 UTV pulling a trailer

New Bobcat 3600 and 3650 utility vehicles have an industry-leading payload capacity for towing and hauling. The cargo box capacity is 1,250 pounds, and is made of composite to resist dents and not corrode. An increase in the total vehicle operating capacity, about 25 percent from the Bobcat 3400 utility vehicle, means operators can haul more and get work done faster.

When hauling materials in the cargo box or towing a trailer, the 3600 and 3650 are easy to steer and maneuver because of power steering. Additionally, the suspension system provides a smooth ride, and improves operator comfort and the vehicle’s ability to carry heavy loads. Operators can adjust the rear suspension to match the load requirements to optimize comfort and traction. Both utility vehicles can reach a top speed of 30 miles per hour, while the two-speed motor enables the vehicles to achieve top speed faster than before.

Choose from three drive modes: single-wheel, two-wheel and all-wheel drive. Single-wheel mode is best when driving on established surfaces (e.g., turf) for minimal damage or scuffing. Get more traction in two-wheel drive with improved torque to both rear wheels. For times when operators need more traction, all-wheel drive mode provides the needed torque to the front wheels. Operators can choose between drive modes by simply pressing a button on the dashboard. Operators can shift on the fly between two-wheel mode and all-wheel drive to maintain momentum, gain traction and avoid getting stuck.

Easy to service

Routine maintenance is made simpler with easy access to the engine compartment, air filter and battery. When the 3600 or 3650 needs servicing, it is easy to determine the issue and get it fixed faster. An LCD screen displays service codes to help operators quickly identify what is wrong and help them get back to work sooner.

Attachment carriers

Attachments are at the heart of compact equipment productivity, and Bobcat offers six attachments for use with the 3650. The 3650 utility vehicle’s exclusive Multi-Attachment X-Change (M.A.X.) provides a simple solution for connecting front-mounted powered or non-powered attachments. The 3650 is compatible with three PTO-driven attachments: angle broom, mower and snowblower. Non-PTO attachments for the 3650 include a bucket, pallet fork and snow blade. When operating the bucket, the maximum lift height is two feet and the rated lift capacity is 500 pounds. The pallet fork has a rated capacity of 450 pounds at 18 inches on the fork. Altogether, the 3650 and attachments provide a versatile tool carrier for grounds maintenance activities year-round.

The 3600 can be outfitted with an optional integrated snow blade and all models will accept a sprayer in the utility vehicle’s cargo box.

NEW: UTV training course kit

UTV training course kit

UTV training course kit

Learn how to properly operate Bobcat® utility vehicles from a new operator training course kit from Bobcat Company. Operating training course kits include an administrator’s guide, course handbooks, completion certificates, wallet cards and safety video on DVD.

Visit to download the order form (PDF), and then contact your local Bobcat dealer to order the kit, or order online at