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Spring 2013

Growing confidence builds excavating business

New Bobcat S570 skid-steer loader is source of pride for contractor; complements owner’s compact excavator to form a powerful digging team

Dan Czuba, Alliance Contracting

Dan Czuba, Alliance Contracting

For Dan Czuba, the value of his new Bobcat® S570 skid-steer loader goes beyond the jobsite productivity and efficiency the M-Series machine brings to his foundation repair and basement waterproofing business. It’s a source of enormous pride.

“This is the first new loader I ever purchased — it’s like a trophy,” says Czuba, the owner of Alliance Contracting and Design, Bay City, Mich. “It demonstrates to the public that the company has advanced to a higher level of success. In this market, image is important. People can see our business is doing well, and by arriving at a jobsite with new, name-brand equipment, we build confidence in our customers and ourselves as well. Now we are more certain that we can take on additional work, even complicated jobs. It’s a good feeling.”

Venturing into foundation repair and basement waterproofing required Czuba to make some tough economic decisions. He had to pre-order a significant amount of materials in addition to his major investment in equipment.

“Once I had two reliable machines — loader and excavator — it was much easier to find work,” he says. “The business just kept increasing because I had the right equipment to succeed. Other firms that did not have access to this equipment were asking me to do jobs for them.”

When Czuba started his firm seven years ago, he focused on concrete work. Initially he rented equipment; his first Bobcat loader, a used machine, was purchased in 2006. He also rented a Bobcat compact excavator when he began doing more foundation work.

“The Bobcat rental equipment worked very well, but I think I paid too much attention to the clock, trying to finish jobs in order to return the machines,” he says. “I was working long hours, sometimes 24 hours straight, and doing it in bad weather conditions, at times. Having my own equipment made things much better.”

The newest of his own machines is an S570 vertical-lift-path skid-steer loader, purchased from Bobcat of Flint/Saginaw. It replaced an S185 with almost 5,000 hours on the clock. The S570, powered by a 61-horsepower diesel engine, has a rated operating capacity of 1,950 pounds. Among the options Czuba added: two-speed travel, suspension seat, enclosed cab with heat and Power Bob-Tach attachment mounting system.

“There is a world of difference between the M-Series loader and my previous machine,” Czuba says.

M-Series advantages

Dan Czuba paired his new Bobcat S570 skid-steer loader with his
compact excavator for a foundation project.

Dan Czuba paired his new Bobcat S570 skid-steer loader with his compact excavator for a foundation project.

From substantial design changes to simple improvements, here are some of the ways he believes Bobcat Company has made the 500-frame-size machines better:

  • Controls are precise, responsive and user-friendly
  • Control levers are more ergonomically correct
  • Stronger lift arms for improved performance
  • Substantially improved visibility
  • Better cooling package that is easy to clean and maintain
  • Better accessibility to routine service items
  • While Czuba’s primary business is currently foundation repair and waterproofing, he still operates under the umbrella of a full-service general contractor.

    “Based on our experience and equipment, we are very capable of handling a wide range of projects, from snow removal to demolition to concrete,” he says. “Our Bobcat machines, along with attachments such as a hydraulic breaker, industrial grapple, pallet forks and snow blade, provide plenty of jobsite versatility. If you own Bobcat equipment, you create a lot of opportunities for yourself.”