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Bobcatalog 2006

Do It All Yourself and Save Time, Labor and Money

Bobcat Combination Bucket

The combination bucket is ideal for many site preparation jobs.

From clearing the site to pouring the final yard of concrete, Bobcat® loaders provide the power, speed and versatility to handle all aspects of a flatwork project when the job is too small for big equipment and too big for hand tools. A rugged Bobcat compact track loader, with its fully enclosed steel undercarriage, permanently sealed steel rollers and idlers, gives you great flotation on sub-base and a pushing force second to none for preparing the site regardless of weather and soil conditions. Put it to work with a Bobcat combination bucket to doze, dig, dump, grapple and grade.

Equip your Bobcat loader with the Bobcat grader attachment and optional laser control system and you have a fast, accurate, high-performance grading machine. Precise fingertip control makes it easy to operate the 7-ft., six-way hydraulically-controlled moldboard. The laser system automatically adjusts the blade up or down to keep your base material on grade. This can dramatically cut costs. You save concrete, eliminate a whole survey crew to check grade and minimize hand labor.

Bobcat Concrete Pump Attachment

Pump concrete efficiently with the concrete pump attachment.

Why wait for a pumping contractor and pay pumping fees to place concrete? Equip your loader with a Bobcat concrete pump and do the job yourself. Plus, it's more affordable than a trailer pump and eliminates the need to wrestle with wheelbarrows, shovels and planks. This handy attachment moves up to 28 cu. yd. of concrete in an hour, pumping it as far as 250 ft. horizontally and two stories vertically. It's the perfect solution to the problem of placing concrete in hard-to-reach areas.