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Bobcatalog 2006

Optimize Productivity at Recycling Operations with Rugged, Durable, Versatile Bobcat Loaders

Bobcat S160 Loader

Bobcat equipment is the best answer for moving and stacking material.

Recycling work calls for tough, sturdy machines that can stand up to demanding conditions. No one designs and builds compact equipment tougher than Bobcat Company. Featuring heavy-duty, low-maintenance components, Bobcat® loaders offer unsurpassed dependability and serviceability for top production. They can't be beat when it comes to operator comfort, either. Roomy, ergonomically designed cabs, with great visibility, and low effort controls minimize operator stress and strain.

With the ability to spin quickly around within their own length, Bobcat skid-steer loaders provide the agility and speed to make fast, easy work of pushing, lifting, sorting, dumping and handling all types of recycled materials. Choose from a wide selection of Bobcat attachments to handle just about any job at a recycling center. Use a bucket to push material into a pile, a grapple to load plastic onto a conveyor or sort through scrap metal, or a pallet fork to carry and stack baled paper. When you need to clean up the facility, change to an angle broom to sweep and clean around loading areas. Switching from one attachment to another is quick and easy, thanks to the Bob-Tach™ and Power Bob-Tach™ attachment mounting systems.

Bobcat A300 Loader

Bobcat loaders dig right into recycling jobs.

The wear and tear of constant turning on concrete floors and asphalt-paved loading areas can quickly take its toll on tires. A Bobcat all-wheel steer loader reduces much of that wear to lengthen tire life and cut tire replacement costs dramatically. At the same time, by simply pushing a switch, you can change to skid-steer mode when you need to work efficiently in confined areas.

Whether you choose a Bobcat skid-steer loader or all-wheel steer loader, you'll enjoy the money-saving benefits of the exclusive Bobcat dual path cooling system that draws in clean, cool air from above, rather than dirty air from below, to help keep the engine clean and to also cool the engine before exhausting it out the side. That means more efficient, less costly operation. Bobcat loaders can include features like the industry's strongest chaincase, efficiency-boosting K-Force hydraulics and are quieter to operate with the efficient SmartFan. The transverse mounted engine and swing-out tailgate provide convenient, single-sided servicing.