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Bobcatalog 2006

Bobcat Skid-Steer Loaders Measure Up

No matter how you measure it, Bobcat® skid-steer loaders offer more value for your money than any other brand.

Bobcat S185 Loader

Durable Bobcat skid-steer loaders take on tough jobs.

The new K-Series features—such as more productive K-Force hydraulics and the more efficient, variable-speed SmartFAN are just the latest example of how Bobcat's long-standing leadership in innovative engineering adds value to your loader. Here are some others:

More standard features. All K-Series Bobcat loaders are equipped with such standard equipment as an engine/hydraulic systems shutdown, deluxe cab, dual function (maximum flow or variable flow) front auxiliary hydraulics and front and rear working lights. And don't forget serviceability. It's unsurpassed.

More choices. No skid-steer loader manufacturer offers more choices in sizes and types of loaders to best meet your own individual needs and desires—11 different small-, mid- and large-frame models in all. Choose a compact, standard wheelbase machine for maximum maneuverability and a radius lift path for great all around performance. Or select a smooth-riding long wheelbase model, with either a radius lift path or a long-reaching vertical lift path for optimal loading efficiency.

More efficient operation. Don't be misled by horsepower ratings. Excessive horsepower wastes costly fuel. Bobcat loaders are designed as a balanced system to make the most of your horsepower and your money. That includes balancing such factors as wheelbase, tread width and weight distribution. As a result, Bobcat loaders tend to weigh less and require less horsepower to achieve top performance. Other money-saving features include belt drive, instead of direct drive, and a dual-path cooling system, both of which reduce operating costs and extend engine life.

More durability. Bobcat loaders are built for long, dependable operation in the most demanding jobsite environments. Drive chains never need adjustment and axle bearings never need greasing. Engine and hydraulic system shutdown automatically protects the machine from possible catastrophic failure.
More options. High-flow auxiliary hydraulics improve attachment performance. Speed management gives you more precise balance of power, torque and travel speed. Also available for added comfort and convenience are an enclosed, heated and air conditioned cab, a choice of all-hand or low-effort joystick hydraulic control and Power Bob-Tach system for attachment mounting.

For complete details on all the value-added features built into every Bobcat skid-steer loader, visit your local dealer today.

Bobcat 463 Loader

Bobcat 463 Loader

When you need the strong, rugged performance of a Bobcat® skid-steer loader and the ability to get through backyard gates, narrow doorways or under low ceilings, choose the 463. This super-compact loader stands head-and-shoulders above every other machine in its class in saving time and work. Equip it with 20 different Bobcat attachments to handle almost any job.

700-lb. (318-kg) rated operating capacity
Radius lift path
22.5 hp (16.8 kW) diesel engine
7-ft., 11-in. (2.4-mm) lift height
2,708-lb. (1228-kg) operating weight


Bobcat 553 Loader

Bobcat 553 Loader

The trim frame of this smart-sized compact loader allows it to work quickly and efficiently when your jobsite is short on elbow-room. This nimble, easy-to-transport machine is built to tackle all kinds of work using nearly two dozen Bobcat attachments, including a backhoe, sweeper and snowblower. You'll also like the standard heavy duty tires and roomy, deluxe cab. An enclosed, heated cab is also available.

950-lb. (431-kg) rated operating capacity
Radius lift path
25 hp (18.6 kW) diesel engine
8-ft., 8-in. (2.6-mm) lift height
3,704-lb. (1680-kg) operating weight

S130 New!

Bobcat S130 Loader

Bobcat S130 Loader

The hard-working new K-Series S130 gives you the agility and versatility of a mid-size compact loader. It couples great, all-around performance with the ability to turn quickly and completely around within a 6-ft. turning radius. Heavy-duty drive chains which require no time-consuming adjustments add to the machine's value.

1,300-lb. (590-kg) rated operating capacity
Radius lift path
46 hp (34.3 kW) diesel engine
9-ft., 2-in. (2.8-mm) lift height
5,235-lb. (2375-kg) operating weight

S150 New!

Bobcat S150 Loader

Bobcat S150 Loader

Built for speed and efficiency, this long wheelbase K-Series machine offers smooth, powerful performance with plenty of traction and breakout force. Name your application—construction, landscaping, nursery, municipality, recycling or farm and ranch. This machine makes work easy and convenient with a wide range of quick-mounting Bobcat attachments, plus excellent visibility and state-of-the art instrumentation.

1,500-lb. (703-kg) rated operating capacity
Radius lift path
46 hp (34.3 kW) diesel engine
9-ft., 7-in. (2.9-mm) lift height
5,935-lb. (2692-kg) operating weight