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Bobcatalog 2014

Compact excavators

Bobcat excavators deliver smooth and fast performance with an exclusive all-hydrostatic drive system and industry-leading operator comfort

Bobcat E55 excavator

Bobcat E55 excavator

Bobcat® compact excavators feature distinct advantages over other brands, in terms of performance, uptime protection, comfort and serviceability, and it’s all done to help you get more out of your investment in Bobcat compact equipment.

Why an excavator?

Excavators have traditionally been less expensive to purchase, transport and maintain than other earthmoving machines such as tractor loader backhoes (TLBs). Bobcat excavators are also highly productive at digging and removing material from a jobsite, and their tracked undercarriage means less ground disturbance. Due to their compact size, Bobcat excavators provide operators with more flexibility than TLBs, which are limited to 45 degrees of workgroup movement in confined areas (Fig. 1). A Bobcat excavator working in the same situation has up to 180 degrees of movement for better spoil placement or truck-loading applications. An excavator’s independent boom swing capability means less machine repositioning. Last but not least, visibility in a Bobcat excavator is increased since the offset position provides an unobstructed view of the attachment and work area (Fig. 2).

Fig. 1

Fig. 1

An excavator for every application

Bobcat manufactures 12 different excavator models to help operators match the machine to their application — from the ultra-compact 418 to the 8-metric-ton E85. There are Conventional, Minimal and Zero Tail Swing models to choose from, depending on the operating conditions. For varying dig depths — from 6 to more than 15 feet — and reach needs, Bobcat offers standard-, long- and extendable-arm configurations. Altogether, 10 of the 12 models are part of the newest line of Bobcat excavators — the M-Series — with industry-leading cycle times and advanced hydraulic systems.

Extendable-arm option, clamp-ready

Choose from five Bobcat excavator models that are available with the extendable-arm option for more reach and dump height. Bobcat is the only excavator manufacturer that offers the clamp-ready extendable-arm option. The extendable-arm configuration is available as a factory-installed option or dealer-installed locally. To extend the excavator arm, simply press the paddle switch on the joystick.

Fig. 2

Fig. 2

Joystick control updates

Bobcat excavator joystick controls include improvements to the boom swing and auxiliary paddle switches and the auxiliary “detent” button, available on Bobcat E26 through E55 excavators. The improved paddle profile and reduced spring pressure provide enhanced controllability, while being more comfortable to use during extended operation. The new profile for the auxiliary detent switch improves ergonomics for the operator.

Expand your offerings

Think outside of the box by putting a Bobcat excavator to work beyond your traditional digging projects. Choose from 13 approved Bobcat attachments to enhance your excavator’s versatility. Attachments include augers, grapples, hydraulic breakers, plate compactors and trenchers, just to name a few. Changing attachments is simple with the exclusive X-Change™ attachment mounting system. Upgrade to the optional Hydraulic X-Change™ system for even faster attachment changes.

Attachment operation made easy

Bobcat E45 excavator with grapple

Bobcat E45 excavator with grapple

For more precise control of select attachments, Bobcat offers selectable auxiliary hydraulic flow. On the instrument panel, operators choose from three auxiliary hydraulic flow settings to best match the application.

  1. Low flow: Best for use with the PowerTilt® and Hydra-Tilt swing accessories for more accurate angles in trenches
  2. Medium flow: Well suited for clamps and grapples when placing boulders or handling other material.
  3. Maximum flow: Ideal for use with hydraulic breakers or augers for peak attachment performance

New operator-friendly instrumentation

Bobcat Company introduces a new user-friendly instrumentation package for a majority of its compact excavators — E35 through E55 — with an updated screen in the right-front corner. A new forward-mount instrument panel — available in standard or deluxe models — allows for improved joystick switch ergonomics and improved operator comfort, making it easy to quickly glance at the LCD screen. The deluxe panel has more graphics, diagnostics and functionality, and an integrated keyless start system. Keyless start is also available for excavators with the standard model panel.

Other improvements to the operator cab include modified vents for the heating and air conditioning system, giving operators more control of airflow. Additionally, a new drink holder and a storage space — ideal for phones or portable music devices — are situated to the right of the operator. Also located to the right is a new radio installation, making it easy to connect a device and listen to your favorite music while you work.