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Bobcatalog 2014

Waterscapes, patios and pools — a homeowner’s delight

A pair of powerful Bobcat excavators helps a New Jersey landscape company

Joe Finizio, vice president at Landscape Perceptions

Joe Finizio, vice president at Landscape Perceptions

Waterfalls, ponds and outdoor kitchens are among the fastest growing trends in landscape construction for homeowners who want to enhance their current properties, as well as traditional in-ground pools, according to Joe Finizio, vice president at Landscape Perceptions, in Oakland, N.J. Finizio has more than 30 years of experience in landscape installations, operating numerous Bobcat® skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders, compact excavators and attachments to transform yards into beautiful landscapes.

Landscape Perceptions has been in business since 1989, offering full-service landscape architecture and construction. Its president is Lenny DiTomaso, who is assisted by architect Joshua Hampton. Finizio leads the landscape construction efforts and installations. “This is a high-end area, and homeowners are investing in their homes,” Finizio says. “They want more leisure areas with waterscapes, patios and outdoor kitchens. As far as patios and brick pavers, our Bobcat loaders and excavators help us move the project along faster. We move the materials to the jobsite, unload them, excavate the area and prepare the site for the materials.”

Dedication to Bobcat equipment

Working with Bobcat compact equipment for more than three decades, Finizio has seen big changes in compact equipment. His current mix of equipment includes Bobcat skid-steer loaders, a compact track loader and two Bobcat excavators. All of the company’s equipment was purchased from Bobcat of North Jersey. “I’ve been operating Bobcat loaders for many years, ever since I met Vinny Ryan about 30 years ago,” Finizio says. “Vinny and Pat Barckett at Bobcat of North Jersey have been top-notch. Other companies don’t give you the time and effort like Bobcat of North Jersey does.”

Finizio's E80 excavator

Finizio's E80 excavator

When Bobcat Company introduced its 6- and 8-metric-ton excavators, Finizio purchased the 8-metric-ton model first and later added the 6-metric-ton excavator, for assistance with excavating dirt and placing hardscape materials. He says both excavators are equipped with a bucket and clamp for digging and placing decorative landscape rock. “I needed the excavator’s weight to do a lot of bulk lifting, but light enough to transport easily, and the 8-metric-ton machine fit into that category. We install a lot of waterfalls where we need to reach over a pool and set rock on the berm of the pool. We do a lot of berms behind the pools, waterfalls and streams into the pools, and the operator has to reach with the excavator’s boom and bucket. We can be very precise about where we place the material.”

Traveling between homes and working in limited-space areas, Finizio and his installation crews needed a machine that could stay within a reasonable width of the tracks when it’s digging and provide good all-around visibility without disrupting established yards — something that the company’s two Bobcat excavators offer.

“Bobcat compact excavators have come a long way,” Finizio says. “I really like the independent boom swing for our two excavators. It keeps the house stationary, but I can move the boom and arm for good flexibility. It has a good hydraulic system for plenty of power when we’re digging and moving the excavator at the same time.”