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Bobcatalog 2014

Compact track loaders

T870 compact track loader with forestry cutter

T870 compact track loader with forestry cutter

Bobcat compact track loaders deliver impressive pushing force, handling heavy-duty loads and improve jobsite productivity

Four decades after inventing the skid-steer loader, Bobcat Company introduced the first compact track loader with a solid-mounted undercarriage manufactured in the United States. Bobcat has taken its compact track loaders to an unmatched level of performance and operator comfort. A lineup of elite models, loaded with innovative, user-friendly features, is designed and built to deliver superior productivity regardless of jobsite conditions. These machines are perfect for jobs that require plenty of pushing and lifting power.

Eight models to choose from

Bobcat® compact track loaders range in size from the T110 — small in size but big in performance — to the 99-horsepower T870 for heavy-duty lifting and digging tasks. Five of the models have a vertical-lift-path design for more lift capacity and reach at full lift height (Fig. 2), which is ideal for truck loading. Three compact track loader models have a radius lift path for maximum reach at truck bed height. Radius-lift-path loaders excel at backfilling, unloading flatbed trucks and dumping over foundation walls (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1: radius lift path

Fig. 1: radius lift path

Superior performance

The proof of Bobcat compact track loader superiority is in its performance. It works faster and lifts and pushes more compared to other brands. Each machine has the right balance between engine horsepower and hydraulic pump displacement. Additionally, the weight distribution produces powerful breakout forces and fast cycle times, and puts Bobcat compact track loaders in a class by themselves.

Undercarriage advantages

The track advantage built into every Bobcat compact track loader puts it far ahead of other brands. The solid-mounted undercarriage, fully enclosed and built with steel, protects components such as hoses and drive motors from damage. The simple and strong standard undercarriage grades consistently and lasts longer than competitive track systems. The Roller Suspension™ system option provides superior operator comfort.

Fig. 2: vertical lift path

Fig. 2: vertical lift path

Premium cab

The cab-forward design of Bobcat M-Series loaders gives operators an unparalleled view of attachments and the jobsite. Substantially larger windows contribute to better all-around visibility. The cab is 10 percent bigger, with the largest front opening in the industry, and quieter (60 percent less noise). A top-of-the-line pressurized cab keeps the operator clean and comfortable in dirty, dusty applications.

Extend your working season

When other equipment slows or shuts down due to the weather, you can count on Bobcat compact track loaders to keep working. Low ground pressure allows operators to work more productively in soft, sandy, wet or muddy conditions. For many owners, that translates into several additional days or weeks of work, allowing them to start earlier in spring and work later into fall. Rubber tracks minimize turf damage, eliminating the need for costly jobsite repairs when the project is complete.

T770 with tree spade

T770 with tree spade

Simple maintenance

Routine and long-term maintenance on Bobcat compact track loaders is fast and easy. Engine checkpoints are handy, so there is no reason to neglect daily maintenance. Just swing open the large tailgate to service the machine. The one-piece, superior-strength door has no cooling holes, slots or openings to expose the loader to job hazards.

Roller Suspension system improves operator comfort

Bobcat® compact track loaders already have the industry’s premium cab with more space, larger windows, significantly reduced sound levels and a bigger entry and exit opening. Add the optional Roller Suspension™ system to elevate the work environment to even a higher level without sacrificing durability.

The first all-steel suspension undercarriage, available on most Bobcat compact track loaders, reduces vibration and noise. The rollers are suspended by high-strength steel leaf springs to minimize ground vibration.

Maintenance costs are minimized because the enclosed steel undercarriage has very few moving parts. The forged steel rollers are permanently sealed and lubricated; no greasing or adjusting is necessary. Track tensioning is also very easy with no special tools required.

In addition to the added operator comfort, the Roller Suspension system also increases travel speed across uneven jobsites, reduces the chance of spilling material from a bucket and aids grading and pushing.