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Bobcatalog 2014

Compact track loaders fit contractor to a T

Construction firm no longer struggles with machines that are too large, thanks to the addition of two Bobcat compact track loaders

Tony Federico (left) and Jim Federico (right) have seen their productivity rise since purchasing
Bobcat compact track loaders.

Tony Federico (left) and Jim Federico (right) have seen their productivity rise since purchasing Bobcat compact track loaders.

Adding a pair of Bobcat® compact track loaders has enabled Tony Federico to eliminate some frustrating jobsite situations and improve efficiency for his underground utility construction company.

“For several years, we struggled using our bigger equipment — excavators, tractor loader backhoes and bulldozers — on the municipal side of our business,” says the president of Northwest Contracting Services Inc., Memphis, Tenn. “These machines were difficult to maneuver around narrow streets, they were slow and inefficient, and they damaged property. On smaller jobs, they just didn’t work very well.”

After working for the company for a decade, Federico and his father, Jim, purchased the business in 2005 when the previous owner retired. With a focus on installing utilities throughout the Mid-South, the firm continued to be successful. However, after concluding that the size of their equipment was limiting their growth, the owners decided to look at some different options a couple of years ago.

“We opened our eyes to see if something else might work better,” he says. “We began to rent Bobcat compact track loaders and quickly discovered that they worked great for many of the jobs we were doing. We haven’t looked back.”

Unmatched loader brand

After Federico and his operators tested four brands of compact track loaders, Bobcat machines were at the top of the list for what they wanted — the best dealer support and service, fair pricing and ease of operation. Their initial compact track loader purchase was from Williams Equipment in Memphis, followed by an M-Series T750 last year.

“The first loader was a great machine and the T750 was even better,” Federico says. “The larger, more comfortable cab with increased all-around visibility is unmatched. It’s strong enough to do what we need done and small enough to get into tight quarters.”

Jim, who has 35 years of experience working for equipment dealers in several states, agrees. “Even though I repaired and sold other brands, I had always heard good things about Bobcat machines,” he says. “Since we brought the Bobcat loaders on board, they have more than lived up to their reputation. They were a very good choice. We should have purchased them sooner.”

Tony points out that when rehabbing a city sewer system, you can’t beat what the T750 has to offer. “It does a great job of delivering pipe and handling sand and gravel,” he says. “The 11-foot reach is perfect for loading our dump trucks with unwanted materials. “We completed a four-month job replacing sewer laterals around 88 housing units on a naval base, and without our Bobcat loaders the project would have been a nightmare,” he continues. “Our bigger machines would not have fit, and with the compact track loaders we were able to haul materials such as pipe and sod all around the neighborhood without tearing up grass.”

Added versatility

The Bobcat compact track loaders have also made the company much more versatile, Federico says. “Now we can capture both sides of the market. Our larger machines are great for laying huge drain pipes, but when it comes to 6- and 8-inch pipe, you can’t beat our Bobcat loaders. They are the perfect fit for filling in the gaps between major projects.”

Bobcat attachments enhance the versatility and value of the loaders. “Take the soil conditioner, for example,” Federico says. “When we install a pipeline, we are required to knock out all the humps and level the ground before we seed and straw. We used to do it with rakes. Using the soil conditioner, we do a better job in about a tenth of the time.”