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Bobcatalog 2014

The perfect match

Dependable Bobcat skid-steer loaders and attachments are exceptional fit for large construction company based in Arkansas

Denzil Bauer, equipment manager at RedStone Construction Group

Denzil Bauer, equipment manager at RedStone Construction Group

The 150 units of equipment at RedStone Construction Group Inc. range from the compact and maneuverable (skid-steer loaders) to the huge and powerful (a 50-metric-ton excavator).

“Managing the smaller products, especially our Bobcat® loaders, is actually easier than the other equipment,” he says. “That’s because their versatility and attachment availability provide us with many more jobsite options — and solutions.”

RedStone and its 250 employees specialize in a variety of construction work, including concrete, asphalt, dirt and underground piping. At any one time, the company could have equipment at 25 to 30 different project locations throughout Arkansas; some jobs lasting a couple of days, others more than a year.

That kind of workload and schedule can mean unexpected calls to Bauer at the company headquarters in Little Rock from on-site managers requesting equipment.

“I may get a week’s notice or a five-minute notice,” he says. “Staying ahead of everything that is going on can get complicated. Renting additional equipment is always an option.”

It’s not unusual for him to rent an additional 70 items in the summer. As long-time owners of Bobcat equipment, RedStone has come to rely on loaders and attachments to help keep jobs on schedule.

“Our two S750 high-flow skid-steer loaders frequently work with our milling crews,” Bauer says. “We use huge 60,000-pound milling machines to tackle the large, wide-open areas, but there are always smaller spaces, especially on city streets, where we just can’t gain access.”

In those situations, the operators trade their large milling units for the S750s equipped with tough, durable Bobcat planer attachments (one of their three planers is 10 years old).

“The planers do a nice job of uniformly milling out asphalt where we have to work around an object or close to something,” Bauer says. “It’s easy for our operators to set and maintain parameters such as depth and width. The loaders and planers form an excellent team with our bigger machines.”

One of the reasons the planers deliver such precise performance is the industry-leading, all-around visibility offered by the cab on the M-Series loaders. The operator is located closer to the front of the machine, which provides an unparalleled view of attachments.

The 85-horsepower S750s were purchased from Hugg & Hall Equipment, the Bobcat dealer in Little Rock. The vertical-lift-path units have a rated operating capacity of 3,200 pounds. The high-flow auxiliary hydraulic option on the RedStone machines produces a flow rate of 36.6 gpm.

To finish many jobs, a great deal of cleanup work is required. That’s why RedStone milling crews also bring an angle broom and bucket. The angle broom sweeps debris and the bucket hauls it away.

Additional Bobcat attachments owned by RedStone include:

  • Auger: digs holes for cable barrier posts along highways
  • Dozer blade: levels, grades and backfills material
  • Grapple: handles odd-shaped objects
  • Hydraulic breaker: demolishes concrete in limited-access areas
  • Pallet forks: unloads and carries materials

“I do a lot of research to determine what the best equipment for our needs is,” Bauer says. “Bobcat products have not given us any problems, which is important because they are used in almost all phases of what we do.”