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Bobcatalog 2014

Mini track loaders

Small, agile mini track loaders work where other machines can’t, replacing manual labor

MT52 with trencher

MT52 with trencher

Bobcat® mini track loaders have a well-deserved reputation for producing big results in small spaces. That’s because of their ability to work where other equipment cannot, to limit ground disturbance even in wet, muddy conditions and to handle a variety of jobs using more than two dozen approved Bobcat attachments.

These machines can also be a morale booster. Instead of working all day with a shovel, hand tools and wheelbarrow, an owner-operator can not only accomplish much more, he or she can leave the jobsite with the satisfaction of a project well done and a chance to successfully grow his business. For an employer, the crew immediately becomes more positive and productive when back-breaking labor is replaced by a Bobcat mini track loader.

MT55 with auger

MT55 with auger

Limited space: no problem

When the job requires working in limited-access areas, a mini track loader is the perfect machine. Both the MT52 and the MT55 are just 36 inches wide when paired with a bucket. The compact size allows them to go through doorways and fence gates, and to work in confined spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Another benefit of the size is that the mini track loader is easy to load and transport on a trailer.

Minimal ground disturbance

The loader’s rubber track undercarriage distributes weight to help minimize surface damage and keep the machine working on less-than-ideal ground conditions. Ground pressure for the MT52 is just 4.7 psi and 3.6 psi for the MT55. Less disturbance means fewer repairs and rework when the project is done.

Small machine, big results

The list of jobs that can be successfully completed with a mini track loader is long and varied. Operate the mini track loaders for trenching, digging, carrying materials, demolition, site preparation, snow removal, utility installation, sweeping and stump grinding. The standard Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system makes changing attachments quick and easy. The optional ride-on platform can be quickly connected or removed — improving operator comfort and productivity.

One-hand drive operation

The controls on Bobcat mini track loaders are designed to allow operators to work comfortably and efficiently. Driving the loader requires only one hand for travel speed and direction. The lift and tilt use a simple hand lever. It also includes adjustable-height drive controls for different-size operators and several safety enhancements.

Safety features are standard

Mini track loader with bucket

Mini track loader with bucket

One operator and a Bobcat® mini track loader can be a very productive combination in many jobsite applications. Among the attributes that make the machine so valuable are several standard built-in safety features. They include:

  • • A reverse-travel stop panel: Push the panel, which is located on the back of the loader, and the drive control will return to neutral, stopping the machine and preventing it from moving backward
  • • Parking brake: Use whenever the loader is stopped
  • • Neutral start interlocks: The engine will not start if the drive/steering control, lift arm control or the auxiliary hydraulic control lever are engaged
  • • Lift and tilt function lockouts (with manual by-pass): Will deactivate the lift and tilt functions when the engine is off. The manual lift arm by-pass control allows the lift arms to be lowered when the engine off.
  • • Lift-arm supports: prevent the lift arms from being lowered accidentally when servicing the loader with the lift arms raised