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Bobcatalog 2014

Utility vehicles

Bobcat utility vehicles are the smart way to transport employees, haul cargo, pull a trailer with supplies or even operate front-mounted PTO attachments to complete projects or chores in a timely manner

3600 utility vehicle

3600 utility vehicle

Whether you use them for work or personal property maintenance, Bobcat® utility vehicles are designed to deliver performance. Durable drive systems, versatile attachments and a comfortable ride offer the total package. Available with gas or diesel engines, Bobcat utility vehicles provide the horsepower for desired speed, acceleration and power.

Achieving travel speeds up to 30 miles per hour, operators can reach their destinations or complete projects faster. Operators carrying cargo value their ability to work in low range for maximum torque or towing heavy loads. High range is more suitable for faster speeds with lighter loads. Specific drive modes can be quickly and easily matched to conditions by flipping a switch to select four-wheel, two-wheel or turf mode.

Hydrostatic drive models

The new Bobcat 3600 and 3650 utility vehicles have a durable hydrostatic drive system that uses a single two-speed motor to achieve fast acceleration and maintain top travel speed. With the industry’s first travel control pedal that operates independent of the throttle, drivers can easily switch between forward and reverse — beneficial when working in tight areas around buildings, barns and other structures.

3650 utility vehicle with mower

3650 utility vehicle with mower


The Bobcat 3650 is the industry’s first utility vehicle with the capacity to operate three front-mounted Power-Take-Off (PTO) attachments, including a snowblower, mower and angle broom. Equipped with the exclusive M.A.X. (Multi-Attachment X-Change) system, it is quick and easy to change attachments. Non-PTO attachments include a snow blade, pallet fork and bucket to further increase versatility. For the 3400 and 3600, owners may choose from an integrated snow blade, or a cargo box mounted sprayer to add efficiency when caring for lawns and acreages.

Options and accessories

Choose from numerous options and accessories to customize Bobcat utility vehicles. Some of the most commonly requested accessories include:

3400 utility vehicle

3400 utility vehicle

  • • Enclosed cab with heat
  • • Bench seat for additional seating
  • • Powered lift for cargo box
  • • Radio and speakers
  • • Brush guard
  • • Turn signals and flashers
  • • Winch
  • • Poly windshield
  • • Canopy top

Year-round comfort

Because transportation is their top use, travel comfort is important year-round in Bobcat utility vehicles. An adjustable rear suspension allows the driver to customize the mounting position: vertically for heavy-duty hauling or angled for improved comfort. Four-wheel independent suspension allows each wheel to move independently, keeping the wheels in contact with the ground for outstanding comfort and maximum traction. A combination of front and rear suspension on the 3600 and 3650 utility vehicles enhances the riding experience and provides stability to haul and tow heavy loads. Features such as 360-degree visibility, ergonomic controls, a quiet engine, easy entry and exit, and low-effort, tilt steering provide additional driver comfort. Factory-installed cabs with heat protect occupants from cold weather elements, and optional modular cabs on the 3600 and 3650 units offer air conditioning for relief during hot summer months.