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Exceptional service performed by certified service technicians and backed by genuine Bobcat quality parts promotes customer uptime protection

Bobcat parts and service

Bobcat parts and service

Following manufacturer recommendations for maintaining equipment is the foundation of longevity for any machine, and Bobcat® machines are no exception. Bobcat takes maintenance a step further than most by offering two maintenance programs to help customers recognize potential machine-debilitating conditions, and correct the situation well in advance of the potential problems becoming reality.

BobCHECKSM is a free multi-point inspection of items that require routine maintenance, including things like hydraulic, drive and electrical systems. It is a free service available from participating Bobcat dealers. As part of the check, Bobcat service technicians use an online system to troubleshoot and complete repairs, and utilize Bobcat-specific diagnostic equipment and monitoring tools to help analyze machine performance.

Additionally, Bobcat dealers also offer the BobCARE PMSM service agreement designed specifically for periodic maintenance items. BobCARE PM helps owners maximize productivity and efficiency by helping to keep machines in top working condition, and helps enhance resale value. Regularly scheduled maintenance checkups go a long way in helping to minimize the unexpected need for inconvenient service and repair work. The program can be customized to cover specific items relative to machine or customer preferences, and provides customers with peace of mind knowing that only genuine Bobcat parts are being used in conjunction with each service item.

Many Bobcat dealers also have field service trucks and technicians for those situations when logistics make it difficult, if not impossible, to transport the machine in need of service to the dealer’s location. Most Bobcat dealers also have trucking services to transport machines to and from dealerships for additional customer convenience.

Bobcat equipment is built to withstand rigorous jobsite challenges and perform efficiently in a variety of conditions and will provide maximum service life when maintained properly. The more than 550 Bobcat dealers located in the United States and Canada have skilled service technicians and knowledgeable parts representatives. These individuals received extensive training on how to maintain and identify and repair equipment malfunctions — oftentimes by talking through general descriptions over the phone with customers.

Like teachers, doctors, accountants, coaches or any other skilled professional, certified Bobcat service technicians receive ongoing training related to specific operational components of all Bobcat equipment models, including interim Tier 4 (iT4) and Tier 4 non-road emission requirements and corresponding engine technologies. It’s this knowledge and level of service expertise that has elevated local Bobcat dealers and their service departments above all the rest.

When the need arises, Bobcat equipment owners are assured of quality, responsive and “fix it right the first time” service. Regardless of where the machine is located when service needs arise, there’s likely a team of qualified Bobcat service technicians nearby to assist with identifying a problem and getting the machine up and running again quickly.

Genuine Bobcat parts

Bobcat dealers use genuine Bobcat parts for repairs to ensure the proper fit and performance. Bobcat parts and component-specific approved oils, grease and other lubricants are readily available from a local Bobcat dealer. Genuine Bobcat parts are backed by a warranty, and Bobcat dealers stand behind them. Rounding out the Bobcat genuine parts guarantee is the knowledge of certified Bobcat service technicians in selecting the right part — or combination of parts — to complete service repairs efficiently and accurately.

Identifying problems before they become failures

With all of the demands placed on engines, and hydraulic and hydrostatic oil, completing a comprehensive oil evaluation with an accredited laboratory sampling program may be beneficial. Monitoring the condition of oil for contamination — dirt, wear particles, fuel dilution and coolants — can identify wear-causing contamination that can negatively affect a machine’s internal operating environment. Getting an accurate handle on lubricant properties also helps determine if oils are performing properly — important to extending the wear life and enhancing the operational efficiency of engines and hydraulic components. Oil analysis is most effective when sample are representative of typical operating conditions.

For more information about laboratory oil analysis, contact your local Bobcat dealer.