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Bobcatalog 2006

Loader Backhoes Excel at Digging, Loading and Many More Jobs

Multi-purpose Bobcat® B-Series loader backhoes provide the performance and operating features you need to work productively and efficiently where conventional tractor-loader-backhoes can't.

Powered by liquid-cooled, diesel engines, each of the three models is designed to get the job done quickly and easily. Standard features include intuitive controls, an adjustable operator's seat that swivels 180-degrees for comfortable operation when digging or loading and the roomiest cab in their class. Rugged components and improved cushioning for hydraulic cylinders enhance operation.

For improved productivity, the two-wheel drive, front-wheel steer B100 is outfitted with rear flotation tires, while the B250 and B300 feature four-wheel drive and all-wheel steering. The side shift backhoe on the B250 also enables you to dig trenches parallel to adjacent obstacles.

But these versatile machines do more than dig and load dirt. Standard auxiliary hydraulics allow you to equip them with a variety of Bobcat attachments. Depending on model, you can mount an angle broom, landscape rake or soil conditioner on the loader arms and an auger, breaker, grapple or packer wheel on the backhoe. The standard X-Change™ and Bob-Tach™ mounting systems make changing attachments a snap.

Visit your participating Bobcat dealer to learn all about the many ways you can profit from Bobcat loader backhoes.


Bobcat B100 Loader Backhoe

Bobcat B100 Loader Backhoe

The compact two-wheel drive, front-wheel steer B100 is the smart choice for loader backhoe jobs where big machines can't fit. Operate loader functions with a single control lever or swing the operator's seat around to operate the backhoe with the standard two joysticks. With a choice of 12 different loader attachments and five different backhoe attachments, the turbo-charged B100 handles a wide range of jobs quickly and efficiently.

9-ft., 3-in. (2.8-m) backhoe digging depth
5,409-lb. (2453-kg) backhoe bucket breakout force
2,250-lb. (1020-kg) loader rated operating capacity
3,600-lb. (1633-kg) loader breakout force
5,752-lb. (2609-kg) operating weight


Bobcat B250 Loader Backhoe

Bobcat B250 Loader Backhoe

Equipped with a backhoe that shifts from side to side and vertical rear stabilizers, the B250 can dig right next to foundations, fences and other structures. In addition to a loader bucket, you can put attachments such as an industrial grapple or sweeper on the loader arm and an auger or plate compactor on the backhoe. Standard X-Change™ and Bob-Tach™ mounting systems makes changing attachments easy.

5,340-lb. (2422-kg) backhoe bucket breakout force
2,265-lb. (1027-kg) loader rated operating capacity
4,250-lb. (1928-kg) loader breakout force
6,770-lb. (3071-kg) operating weight


This versatile machine, with center-mount backhoe, is built to tackle big jobs in small spaces. A powerful diesel engine and hydraulic system provide plenty of lifting capacity and breakout force. At the same time, four-wheel drive and all-wheel steer combine with a hydrostatic transmission for easy, agile maneuvering in tough ground conditions. Choose the optional enclosed cab with heater for added comfort.

Bobcat B300 Loader Backhoe

Bobcat B250 Loader Backhoe

11-ft. (3.4-m) backhoe digging depth
6,821-lb. (3094-kg) backhoe bucket breakout force
3,150-lb. (1429-kg) loader rated operating capacity
8,430-lb. (3825-kg) loader breakout force
9,260-lb. (4209-kg) operating weight