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Bobcatalog 2006

Performance, Comfort and Convenience to Fit Any Job

Offering a dozen different models of excavators—more than any other compact equipment manufacturer—Bobcat makes it easy to select the machine that fits the way you work. The lineup ranges from an ultra-compact excavator to machines that can easily handle your heaviest jobs.

Use them to save time and effort on digging and loading work. Or, equip them with a wide variety of Bobcat® attachments to make easy work of grading, demolition, compaction and many other tasks. No matter what your choice, these rugged, versatile Bobcat excavators are built to deliver top productivity, day in and day out.

For example, multifunction hydraulics give you fast cycle times and impressive digging and breakout forces, while specially-designed soft touch joysticks provide effortless control of the work group. Long-arm models minimize the need to reposition to increase efficiency for shallow digging or loading jobs. Others feature a space-saving Zero House Swing or Zero Tail Swing to boost production when working in cramped quarters.

This year, performance of the mid-size 331, 331E, 334 and 430 models has been enhanced by a new advanced hydraulic system. Upgraded hydraulic valves, pumps and work group cylinder produce even smoother operation of the boom, dipper, arm and house.

In addition to the large-frame excavators, the heavy-duty X-Change™ attachment mounting system is now standard on these models—325, 328, 331, 331E, 334 and 430.

No other brand offers a more spacious cab compartment. Even the largest operators have plenty of room. And now the optional enclosed heated and air conditioned cab comes radio ready, with wiring, antenna and mounting position already installed to accept AM/FM Weather band radio with compact disc player or cassette tape player.

Learn more about the complete selection of Bobcat excavators. Visit your participating Bobcat dealer and make your choice today.


Standing just over 7-ft.-tall and less than 31-in.-wide, with its undercarriage in the retracted position, the super-compact 316 excavator offers super performance by saving time and labor where other compact excavators can't fit. Use it to get through narrow gates or tight doorways and to work quickly and efficiently inside backyards or buildings. Once on the job, the tracks expand to 35.6-in. for excavating.

9.9 hp (7.5 kW) diesel engine
1,676-lb. (760-kg) operating weight
5-ft., 1-in. (1550-mm) digging depth
9-ft. (2755-mm) reach
1,874-lbf. (8300 N) bucket breakout force

323 New!

You won't find a compact excavator anywhere that offers more value—pound for pound—than this trim machine with its retractable undercarriage. Impressive breakout force and digging depth make it a winner. So do other standard features such as an efficient hydraulic piston pump that improves fuel economy and the life of hydraulic components and auxiliary hydraulics for operating a Bobcat auger, clamp or hydraulic breaker.

15.7 hp (11.7-kW) diesel engine
3,526-lb. (1599-kg) operating weight
7-ft., 6-in. (2197-mm) digging depth
12-ft., 10-in. (3817-mm) reach
3,751-lbf. (16688 N) bucket breakout force


When the job calls for plenty of power in a small space, the compact, multi-purpose 325—just 55-in.-wide—can handle it quickly and efficiently. The multi-function hydraulic system uses the latest in pump and valve technology to let you swing the house and operate the boom, dipper and bucket all at the same time. The rugged undercarriage and sturdy upper structure are designed for long, reliable operation in all applications.

27.7 hp (20.6 kW) diesel engine
6,145-lb. (2788-kg) operating weight
8-ft., 5-in. (2555-mm) digging depth
13-ft., 11-in. (4233-mm) reach
4,766-lbf. (21200 N) bucket breakout force


The mid-size 331 is a popular choice. And, for good reason. In addition to impressive digging and loading performance and operator-friendly comfort, it converts into a multi-purpose machine using a variety of Bobcat attachments. State-of-the-art features include piston pump, closed center-hydraulic systems for smooth, precise control of the work group and maximum fuel economy and extended engine life.

40 hp (29.9 kW) diesel engine
7,185-lb. (3259-kg) operating weight
10-ft., 2-in. (3102-mm) digging depth
16-ft. (4874-mm) reach
6,866-lbf. (30451 N) bucket breakout force


You can hydraulically extend the dipperstick of this versatile excavator to reach farther and dump higher. Or, you can retract it to provide the same overall arm length and arm breakout force as the 331. The 331E also features the Bobcat X-Change system for fast, easy attachment changes and variable-flow, finger-tip control auxiliary system for precise operation of hydraulic attachments.

40 hp (29.9 kW) diesel engine
7,728-lb. (3505-kg) operating weight
12-ft., 10-in. (3914-mm) digging depth (extended)
18-ft., 5-in. (5614-mm) reach (extended)
6,866-lbf. (30451 N) bucket breakout force


A smart alternative to the tractor-loader-backhoe, the 337 is designed to make quick work of tough jobs. That includes general residential and commercial site excavation to more specialized jobs such as demolition, swimming pools and septic systems. With standard-setting turbo engine and impressive hydraulic performance and easy comfortable operation, you'll enjoy top productivity.

48 hp (35.7 kW) diesel engine
11,085-lb. (5028-kg) operating weight
11-ft., 9-in. (3581-mm) digging depth
18-ft., 9-in. (5716-mm) reach
9,267-lbf. (41223 N) bucket breakout force