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Summer 2006

New Bobcat Attachments

Hydraulic breaker

Bobcat 1180 Hydraulic Breaker

Bobcat 1180 Hydraulic Breaker

The new Bobcat® HB series 750 ft.-lb. impact energy class HB1180 breaker for loaders and excavators features improved efficiency and reliability with reduced maintenance for maximum productivity. Fewer moving parts simplify and minimize maintenance and an automatic pressure regulator keeps the breaker working at optimal operating pressure.

The nitrogen chamber requires no periodic recharging and upper and lower shock absorbers reduce noise and vibration. The easy-to-mount breaker includes a cradle for improved access in tight spaces and a special shield to protect hoses and fittings.

Approved for S220 through S300, T250 through T300 and A300 loaders and 337, 341 and 435 excavators.

Bobcat LT414 Trencher

Bobcat LT414 Trencher


Two sizes of the new LT414 high-flow trencher expand the choices of Bobcat trencher attachments. Each comes standard with hydraulic side-shift and features a 26 to 40 gpm hydraulic flow capacity. The larger diameter, tapered auger removes more material from the side of the trench to limit the amount of spoil falling back into the trench.

The 4-ft. dig depth model is approved for models S160H through S300H, T180H through T300H and A300H loaders.

The 5-ft. dig depth model is approved for S220H through S300H, T250 through T300H and A300H loaders.

Three-point hitch implements

Designed for compact and utility tractors, the new line of Bobcat three-point implements are built to meet the most demanding requirements in a variety of landscaping and ground maintenance jobs. They offer maximum operating efficiency and consistent performance over a large horsepower range. These implements come standard with Category I, three-point hitch capabilities for use on 20 to 65 hp tractors.

Choices include angle blade (60-in., 84-in., 84-in. heavy-duty and 96-in. heavy-duty), auger, box blade (48-in., 60-in., 72-in.), mower (60-in., 72-in.) and tine rake (72-in., 84-in.).

Three-point hitch adapter

The Bobcat three-point hitch adapter, which allows you to use compact tractor implements with your Bobcat loader or ToolcatTM 5600 utility work machine, has been redesigned for easier use and increased versatility. Because it accepts both Category I and Category II three-point implements that meet ASAE quick hitch standards you can use it with more types of implements in more applications (not approved for use with Bob-Tach three-point hitch adapter or three-point hitch U-frame couplers). A quick-tach connection reduces "the need" to exit the loader or work utility machine when attaching the implement. This feature also lets you use one adaptor on many three-point implements.

The adapter comes standard equipped with a receiver which accepts a standard 2-in. drawbar for use with a ball hitch for moving trailers. When not in use, the drawbar can be stored on the hitch adapter.

Approved for Bobcat S130 through S300, T140 through T300 and A300 loaders and the 5600 utility work machine.


A new line of Bobcat general purpose (GP) and dirt buckets offer value-minded owners of older Bobcat equipment, or those who use buckets in light-duty or lower annual use applications, an alternative to standard buckets. The dirt buckets, available in 36-, 44- and 50-in. widths, feature a short "lip". The longer lip GP buckets are available in 36-, 44-, 50-, 56-, 62-, 68- and 74-in. widths. A round-back design on both styles of buckets improves bucket clean-out.

Approved for Bobcat mini track loaders, skid-steer loaders and ToolcatTM utility work machines.

Brushcat rotary cutter

Five new models join the line of rugged Brushcat® rotary cutters. They include standard flow 60-in. with hydraulic capacities of 15 to 22 gpm and a high-flow model with 20 to 32 gpm, and a 72-in. model with hydraulic flow capacities of 15 to 22 gpm; a 72-in. high-flow, 20 to 32 gpm hydraulic flow capacity model and an extra high-flow 72-in. model with a hydraulic flow capacity of 30 to 40 gpm.

Each features a hydraulic pressure gauge visible from the operator's seat. By indicating the operating pressure range of the loader, it's useful for monitoring operation of the unit to prevent possible overheating of the hydraulic system. Parallel linkage, which allows the cutting head to move independently of the loader, and rollers to help minimize scalping, improve operation over rough terrain.

A velocity fuse on the 72-in. standard and high-flow models protects the hydraulic system by shutting off the hydraulic flow to the rotary cutter if it exceeds the hydraulic capacity of the motor.

Improved 442 excavator attachments

Clamp. The new clamp, which mounts on all current Bobcat 442 buckets, features a dual-tooth design. The clamp extends beyond the cutting edge of the bucket for holding objects and retracts fully against the arm of the excavator when not in use, to prevent interference with digging and trenching work.

Trenching bucket. A dual radius back of the new trenching bucket results in exceptional breakout force when digging and excellent cleanout when dumping. The buckets, which have weld-on teeth, are available in 18-, 24- and 36-in. widths.

Pavement removal bucket. A new addition to the line of buckets for the 442 excavator, the 24-in., open-side design pavement removal bucket makes quick, efficient work of ripping up, removing and loading asphalt and concrete.

Root grapple

Designed for Bobcat medium-frame loaders, the 66-in.-wide root grapple makes an easy job of removing roots, brush, rocks and other debris while dirt falls through the teeth back to the ground. By minimizing removal of topsoil, this rugged attachment means lighter and fewer loads to haul away. Curved bottom teeth speed up work by preventing them from plunging into the ground. Heavy-duty features include a fully-enclosed mounting frame that minimizes flexing; exclusive inertia-welded, cushioned cylinders for smooth, reliable grapple operation; and protection of hydraulic hoses to minimize damage from debris.

Approved for S150 through S205 and T140 through T190 loaders.

Flotation tire

A new flotation tire is now available for medium-frame Bobcat loaders. The 10-ply, 31 x 12-16.5 heavy-duty wide flotation tire is ideal for minimizing surface damage when working on turf or soft ground.