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Spring 2014

Boost fuel efficiency

Bobcat compact excavator line expands to 13

E32i excavator with bucket and clamp

E32i excavator with bucket and clamp

Choose from two new Bobcat compact excavators in the 3- to 4-metric-ton class with impressive fuel efficiency to reduce your operating costs. Bobcat introduces the E32i, a Conventional Tail Swing model, and the E35i, a Zero Tail Swing excavator that is ideal for operating in confined areas.

Powered by a Tier 4, 24.8-horsepower diesel engine, the excavators are designed to trench, grade and lift, while offering an advanced hydraulic system.

Features such as auto-idle throttle and auto-shift travel are standard equipment for the new excavators. Auto-idle throttle contributes toward reduced fuel consumption and easier communication between the operator and workers. The excavator automatically idles the engine when the machine functions are not used for approximately four seconds, saving valuable fuel. Auto-shift travel automatically shifts the machine out of high range without requiring a manual downshift.

E35i excavator with extendable arm

E35i excavator with extendable arm

Dig deeper

Both models are available with an optional long arm or extendable arm. Only Bobcat Company offers excavators with an extendable-arm option that is clamp-ready. An extendable-arm option allows operators to dig deeper and reach further, minimizing the need to reposition the machine when excavating or loading trucks.

Contact your local Bobcat dealer today to schedule a demonstration or request additional information.