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Spring 2014

Cut through the clutter

Five new Brushcat rotary cutter models feature shorter deck length for easier turns and less space on a trailer

T750 with new Brushcat rotary cutter

T750 with new Brushcat rotary cutter

Clear tall grass, brush and saplings near trails, on jobsites or on acreages efficiently with a Brushcat rotary cutter from Bobcat Company. Now there are five newly improved Bobcat® rotary cutters to choose from, with cutting widths ranging from 66 to 80 inches and a cutting height of 3 inches. The new models have a shorter deck length for a tighter turning radius. The shorter deck also makes it easier to fit on a trailer. Models with standard and optional high-flow auxiliary hydraulics are available for use with Bobcat loaders and the Toolcat utility work machine.

Unmatched performance

Operators may drive forward or backward while the rotary cutter’s double-edged blades turn thick brush and saplings — up to 3 inches in diameter — into fine mulch. Bobcat rotary cutters have a unique flotation linkage that allows the deck total maneuverability; it oscillates to follow the ground surface. While operating the new rotary cutters, the operator doesn’t adjust the deck position since it oscillates and floats. This allows the operator to work faster and be more productive. Additionally, this helps prevent the attachment from digging into the ground and minimizes scalping. Rear rollers and front discs help the deck to float while turning and driving straight, and when the attachment encounters thick brush.

More durable

Two direct-drive motors promote durability for operating in the harshest conditions. Unlike other brands, Bobcat rotary cutter motors have fewer moving parts, no gearbox and don’t require oil changes. Operators simply need to grease the bearings to properly maintain the attachment. Operators can reverse direction of the double-edged blades to increase the life of the blades.

Compatible carriers

The new Brushcat rotary cutters are compatible with the following:

Rotary cutters connect to Bobcat tool carriers with the Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system, for quick and easy attachment changes.