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Spring 2014

Would you like an option with that?

Choose from dozens of options and accessories to make your Bobcat equipment even better

As Bobcat® compact equipment has evolved over the past five decades, the products earned a well-deserved reputation for being productive, comfortable, durable, reliable, operator-friendly and easy to maintain. Today, with dozens of options and accessories available, a Bobcat machine can provide an even better way to work.

Here is a look at how three Bobcat owners are benefiting from options they selected for their M-Series loaders.

Game changer: Power Bob-Tach system

Doug Pawlowski chose the A91 option package to get more work done at his concrete removal business.

Doug Pawlowski chose the A91 option package to get more work done at his concrete removal business.

Power Bob-Tach system

Power Bob-Tach system

After more than a quarter century in the concrete removal business, Doug Pawlowski realized that the loaders he’d been operating may have limited what his company could accomplish. What he needed was a machine with more power, more lift height and more capacity.

What loader best fit his requirements? It was a Bobcat S850 skid-steer loader, with a reach of 12 feet and a rated operating capacity of 3,950 pounds. Those features sold him on the skid-steer loader from Bobcat of Motor City. Then he looked at available options, and that really put the Bobcat loader in a class by itself.

“With my A91 option package, I added a group of features that I’d never had on my previous loaders,” says Pawlowski, owner of Douglas and Son Concrete Removal, New Baltimore, Mich. “The optional features allowed me to do more work, do it faster and in a very comfortable cab. That machine is a beast — the best one that I’ve ever owned.”

The versatility of Pawlowski’s S850 and multiple attachments is what keeps him going on his many jobs — from the hydraulic breaker for concrete jobs to the pallet fork and bucket when he needs to lift and haul objects. Switching between those attachments would be time-consuming without the optional Power Bob-Tach system for his Bobcat loader.

“We change attachments at least 30 times a day,” Pawlowski says, “so the Power Bob-Tach system contributes big-time to completing jobs faster. Simply pressing a button on the dash panel allows me to change non-hydraulic attachments in less than a minute without leaving the cab. As I get older, this is a feature I never want to be without.”

He reports that during the past two years his small company, which includes his son, Cameron, and one employee, has done much more work than it did using other loader brands. It took a long time for Pawlowski to buy his first Bobcat machine. “I wish I would have done it sooner, but now that I have one it’s well worth it.”

Orange tracks eliminate black marks

Nick Baraiac (left) uses non-marking tracks for a clean finish after the job is done.

Nick Baraiac (left) uses non-marking tracks for a clean finish after the job is done.

Non-marking tracks for Bobcat loaders

Non-marking tracks for Bobcat loaders

When Nick Baraiac moved from Michigan to the Knoxville, Tenn., area, the experienced landscaper relied on Yellow Pages listings and a well-designed, informative website to advertise his company. Neither proved nearly as effective as customer referrals.

While he slowly built his business with good workmanship and superior service, some of his finished jobs were tainted by black marks — real, customer-complaining black marks.

“My Bobcat compact track loader was efficient and productive, but at times I had to deal with cleaning driveways the machine marked up,” says Baraiac, owner of Nick’s Landscaping, Lenoir City, Tenn. “I had to pressure wash the driveways after the job was complete. That was time-consuming and money-wasting. Even though I eventually left a clean driveway behind, I always wondered about how the scuffing would affect my reputation, especially when word-of-mouth referrals were so critical.”

Baraiac visited Bobcat of Knoxville in 2012 and noticed a display of non-marking tracks. So when he purchased his new T650, he not only ordered the A71 package and Selectable Joystick Controls, but the orange-colored non-marking tracks, too.

With many Bobcat track options available, Baraiac selected the multi-bar lug pattern made of a non-marking rubber compound. These tracks, which can provide additional traction when needed, bring lower ground pressure and extra flotation to the jobsite.

Baraiac’s business is growing as more people around the Knoxville area get to know him and his work, and he’s no longer leaving black marks behind. Instead, his customers give him high marks for a clean job well done.

Long hours, extreme weather … no problem

Dennis Vidic credits Bobcat Selectable Joystick Controls for higher efficiency and less fatigue.

Dennis Vidic credits Bobcat Selectable Joystick Controls for higher efficiency and less fatigue.

Selectable Joystick Controls

Selectable Joystick Controls

Regular hours and pleasant working conditions are things Dennis Vidic has learned to live without during the 25 years he has been operating a water well drilling company in rural Montana. That’s why he appreciates anything that makes his job a little less difficult.

Starting in the mid-1990s, a succession of Bobcat loaders certainly helped make Vidic’s work much easier, eliminating the manual and therefore time-consuming and tiring work behind loading pipe onto trailers and moving materials around jobsites.

More recently, two T750 compact track loaders, purchased from Bobcat of Big Sky in Billings, Mont., have delivered superior comfort, visibility and productivity to the Vidic Drilling crew. Several Bobcat attachments (see sidebar) made work easier, too, and valuable options prompted Vidic to proclaim: “I would never own a machine without these features.”

In addition to the M-Series enhancements that he really likes, Vidic says two options are making life even easier:

No. 1: Selectable Joystick Controls

As a longtime operator, Vidic was skilled in using the standard foot and hand controls, but has no plans to go back to them now that he’s operating a loader with Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC).

“Once I got some experience, I can see why they are so popular. I would never go back to the old way. I previously got tired doing certain jobs such as piling up brush. Now with the joysticks, I can work for several hours and stay fresh. For me the biggest benefit of the SJC is a lot less fatigue. They also allow me to keep working longer. Controlling the loader and attachments is easy, and I am more efficient.”

No. 2: Power Bob-Tach system

While Vidic has a number of Bobcat attachments that he pairs with his loader, the bucket and pallet fork are utilized most often. The bucket moves gravel and the pallet fork loads and unloads pipe for the wells.

“We switch back and forth several times a day,” he says. “With the Power Bob-Tach system, I can sit inside the comfortable cab and change these attachments, and others, in less than a minute. This is another Bobcat option that reduces operator fatigue and improves efficiency.”

Much of the time, Vidic and his three employees are drilling new wells for ranchers who need water for an expanded herd or because century-old wells won’t produce enough water. He also installs wells at new residential properties and drills air shaft and utility holes for a coal mine near his Roundup, Mont., headquarters.

“Once I discovered what Bobcat loaders could do, and the variety of options available, I have just the right equipment for my needs,” he says.

Demand genuine Bobcat attachments

Montana well driller Dennis Vidic is a big fan of genuine Bobcat® attachments. A trencher, grapple, snow blade, tiller and cement mixer are among his favorites.

“I’ve tried some other brands, but they really do not measure up to Bobcat attachments,” he says. “Bobcat attachments are better built, heavier and, most important for me, designed to work with Bobcat machines. With other products, pins not fitting properly or wires not connecting correctly were problems I didn’t want to deal with. Bobcat attachments eliminate those headaches.”

Customers suggest new options

Bobcat has long been known for listening to the needs and wants of customers. Last year the company conducted an “I have an idea for an option” contest through Facebook®.

“Several hundred participants told us what new options they wanted for their Bobcat machines,” says Jim Ryberg, Bobcat aftermarket project manager. “We received some very good ideas during the five-week contest. Many of the entries focused on value-added features for inside the cab, ways to help the operator do a better job. You may see some of these items in the future.”