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Spring 2014

Spring ahead (and don’t fall behind)

Compact track loader owners start working earlier in spring and continue later in fall, increasing productivity and revenue

One of Scenic Landscaping's T650 compact track loaders

One of Scenic Landscaping's T650 compact track loaders

Creating opportunities and being productive in wet, sandy and soft ground conditions is, in many ways, the calling card of Bobcat® compact track loaders. These machines deliver exceptional productivity in situations where other equipment sits idle, or worse, is stuck in the mud.

Getting started earlier in spring and working later in fall makes compact track loaders an attractive option for many applications such as construction and landscaping — where sensitive surfaces are involved — and even agriculture, where producers may be working daily in wet or soft conditions.

The owners and employees of Harrison Brothers in Jonesboro, Ark., and Scenic Landscaping in Haskel, N.J., are among the many Bobcat customers who recognize the benefits of compact track loaders.

Floats across surfaces

A long and successful history with Bobcat skid-steer loaders didn’t stop a Scenic Landscaping crew from calling attention to this on-the-job incident a couple of years ago.

“The crew was working at an extremely wet jobsite with ground conditions that limited what they could do with a skid-steer loader,” says Mike Votor, operations manager. “Another contractor, using a compact track loader nearby, wasn’t having any trouble. So our guys borrowed his loader to do a few things we could not do with our rubber-tire loader. They came back and said the compact track loader just floated across the soft ground.”

As a result, Scenic Landscaping ordered a T650 from North Jersey Bobcat, their long-time supplier of compact equipment. Today, a second T650 is making a difference for this premier landscaping company.

Scenic Landscaping is known for doing award-winning projects, mostly on high-end residential properties throughout the northern New Jersey and New York area. Scenic Landscaping has been in business for 39 years, providing landscape design and maintenance services, accompanying stonework and lighting as well as custom swimming pools.

“Everyone, whether they spend $500,000 or $10,000, wants their job done as quickly as possible,” says Joe Migliacchio, pool department manager. “That means we have to be able to be on the job as many days throughout the year as possible. We bring ground heaters and tents to the site to keep working when the weather turns bad.”

One machine does it all

Adding Bobcat compact track loaders to its equipment inventory has significantly helped Scenic Landscaping work more efficiently and keep up with customer demand, even when ground conditions are less than ideal.

“We previously added steel tracks to our skid-steer loaders,” Votor says. “They worked fine, but it took time to put them on and take them off. Also, steel tracks are not always the best option when working on a property with a finished driveway and going from dirt to pavement. That often caused us to put two machines on a job — one for the driveway and one for the turf. Now we only need one compact track loader — a T650.”

He says a major benefit of the machines is the even load distribution. “That really helps when we are working around pools where there is a lot of underground plumbing and all the other components that are part of the pool installation process,” he says. “The loaders help us reach one of our goals: minimizing our footprint on the property.

“It seems that everything we do is a little easier and faster, thanks to the compact track loaders,” Votor says. “Not only do they enable us to work when other equipment is bogged down, but M-Series enhancements such as improved visibility, operator comfort and ease of operation make our two T650s great additions.”

Migliacchio adds that, “without our Bobcat machines, we could not do the type of work we do. They keep our jobs moving forward.”

Back to work sooner

Bob (left) and Jerry Harrison, Harrison Construction

Bob (left) and Jerry Harrison, Harrison Construction

Bob and Jerry Harrison’s construction portfolio includes apartment complexes and single-family home subdivisions. Most often you will find the Harrisons on a jobsite, operating their compact track loaders to install foundations and basements. What you won’t find them doing is sitting around, waiting for the ground to sufficiently dry so they can get back to work.

“The Bobcat compact track loaders have improved our efficiency significantly,” Jerry says. “They allow us to work in muddy, wet conditions. We used to have to wait for the ground to dry. Now we can get right back to the job.”

The Harrisons purchased two Bobcat T630s — with the optional Bobcat Roller Suspension system — from Hugg & Hall Equipment in Jonesboro. “The Roller Suspension system has been a big plus — strong and durable — and the reason we can move quickly across a bumpy construction site and not feel a thing,” Bob says.

The loaders’ excellent flotation and the digging and pushing power allow them to operate like a small dozer, according to the Harrisons. “The T630 does an excellent job clearing lots,” Jerry says.

“We have larger equipment too, but we use our compact track loaders 10 times more often than those machines. The T630s can be working productively before you can get a backhoe off the trailer. That’s why the loaders are our first choice.”