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Spring 2014

10 tips for maintaining your excavator

Keep your excavator running like new

1. Review the operation and maintenance manual to familiarize yourself with the service schedules and maintenance points.

Check your filters

Check your filters

2. Check the coolant, hydraulic fluid and engine oil daily.

3. Monitor filter indicators and change filters when needed.

4. Use clean, high-quality diesel fuel.

5. Examine the excavator’s undercarriage and rubber tracks, looking for cuts, tears and proper track tension.

6. Inspect the cooling system, such as checking the airflow through the system, and remove debris, as needed.

7.Look at the excavator’s battery to be sure cables are tight and clean.

8. Pay attention to attachments and components such as cutting edges, teeth and hydraulic hoses.

9. Check display monitors for machine vitals such as fluid temperatures and coolant levels.

10. Read the operator handbook and review decals to become familiar with how to safely operate and maintain an excavator.