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Bobcatalog 2007

S220 Is Tailor-Made for Hard Work and Easy Operation

Miles Tettemer

Miles Tettemer

Power. Manueverability. Ease of operation. A Bobcat® S220 skidsteer loader offers contractor Miles Tettemer, Barrys Bay, Ontario, all this and more.

Tettemer and his crew use this impressive machine, along with other equipment, for jobs ranging from installing landscapes and repairing pavement to clearing snow. But, mostly, they build interlocking concrete block and stone retaining walls to protect lakefront properties from shoreline erosion.

The S220, purchased from Matthews Equipment, Ottawa, is used with a bucket for loading and spreading dirt and gravel and hauling trees and rocks. The Bobcat pallet fork is handy for moving pallets of blocks and stones when constructing walls.

The S220 tackles work that Tettemer’s large tractor-loader-backhoe and saller skid-steer loader can’t handle as quickly or as easily.

“My S220 is big enough to load tandem dump trucks and compact enough to fit into tight areas along lake shores for building retaining walls,” says Tettemer. “The longer wheelbase provides a smoother ride, too.”

He’s equipped his S220 with a variety of options to improve productivity.
They include the Power Bob- Tach™ system, which enables him to change his attachments without leaving the cab, and hydraulic bucket positioning, which minimizes spillage by keeping the bucket and pallet fork level troughout the machine’s radius lift path.

The low-effort Selectable Joystick Control option (SJC) does more than improve operating convenience and comfort. It allows Tettemer, who has limited use ofhis right arm as the result of an accident, to operate the S220. A suspension seat and deluxe cab with heater adds to his comfort.

The high-speed range of the twospeed travel option saves valuable time. “I can move material around the jobsite a lot faster and it’s really great for running up and down the road between sites,” he says.

Tettemer’s rugged, reliable S220 works the way he does—hard and long, day in and day out. “I couldn’t ask for more,” he says. “I’m very, very happy with my S220.”

Bobcat S300 Loader

Bobcat S300 Loader


Name your job. The K-Series S300 combines strength with speed and agility to handle it without breaking a sweat—from tough digging projects to heavy loading jobs to powering all kinds of Bobcat attachments. Control options include selectable joystick controls for lower effort joystick operation of the Advanced Control System to switch between standard Bobcat controls and H pattern hand controls.
  • 3,000-lb. (1361-kg) rated operating capacity
  • Vertical lift path
  • 10-ft., 9-in. (3.3-m) lift height
  • 20.7 GPM auxiliary hydraulic flow
  • 37 GPM high-flow option
  • 81 hp (60.4 kW) turbo-charged, liquid-cooled diesel engine
  • 8,268-lb. (3750-kg) operating weight
Bobcat S330 Loader

Bobcat S330 Loader


The S330 easily conquers the heaviest lifting and toughest digging challenges. This top-of-the-line loader packs a more powerful engine, bigger tires and more weight within the same size frame as the S300. The result is more strength for lifting, more tractive effort for digging and pushing, more lift height and a smoother ride over ruts and bumps. Standard features include two-speed travel and suspension seat.
  • 3,300-lb. (1,497-kg) rated operating capacity
  • Vertical lift path
  • 10-ft., 10-in. (3.3-m) lift height
  • 20.7 GPM auxiliary hydraulic flow
  • 36.7 GPM high-flow option
  • 85 hp (63.4 kW) turbo-charged, liquid-cooled diesel engine
  • 9,185-lb. (4166-kg) operating weight