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Bobcatalog 2007

Unmatched Selection and Features

Made in USA

With the largest selection of compact excavators, Bobcat is the industry’s unmatched leader. Features such as panoramic serviceability, the most cab space in the industry, more engine horsepower, Advanced Hydraulics, Fast-Track™ drive system and In-Track Swing Frame put Bobcat® excavators ahead of the competition. Plus, they are the only compact excavators manufactured in the U.S.A.

Many Choices
Choose a compact excavator that best fits your jobsite needs. Bobcat compact excavators cover a wide range of digging depths—from 5 ft. to nearly 14 ft. And because compact excavators weigh less than larger machines, you can tow them behind a fuel-efficient half-ton to two-ton truck.

In-Track Swing Frame
If you regularly work close toobjects or against walls, consider a Bobcat Zero House Swing (ZHS) orZero Tail Swing (ZTS) compact excavator with the most unrestricted rotation in the industry. And when you are digging in the offset position, the exclusive In-Track Swing Frame keeps the swing casting within the tracks, giving you the ability to dig next to an obstacle with excellent visibility. If accessing backyards through fences is an issue, a conventional swing excavator might be better because it is narrower than an equivalent zero tail swing machine. For the tightest access areas, the Bobcat 316 and 323 feature a hydraulically activated retractable undercarriage.

Bobcat Hydraulic X-Change System

Do More Than Dig
Do more than simply dig with your Bobcat compact excavator. Today there are 16 attachments available. They are designed to save you time and labor. Save even more time with the new Hydraulic X-Change™ attachment mounting system. Retract or extend hydraulic pins with a simple push of a switch, then install the retainer pins before operating. Your operators are more likely to use the proper attachment for the job when attachment changes are simple. Fingertip control of auxiliary hydraulics allows you to manage attachment speeds with precision for improved productivity.

Panoramic Serviceability
Daily maintenance is critical with any piece of equipment. No one makes it easier to perform routine maintenance checks than Bobcat—all without sacrificing cab space. Gain access to filters, fluid and other daily maintenance checkpoints with a swing-open tailgate and side access hood. Visit your local participating Bobcat dealer to learn more about the best lineup of excavators available today.

Bobcat 325 Excavator
Able to work where larger machines can’t, the Bobcat 325 packs plenty o power in a compact frame. An in-track swing frame allows operators to get closer to projects while swing castings and cylinders stay within the tracks. Dig flush against an obstacle with the 325 without sacrificing visibility. Protect established surfaces such as manicured lawns and brick patios with a rubber track undercarriage that’s just 55-in.-wide.
• 27.7 hp (20.6 kW) diesel engine
• 6,145-lb. (2,788-kg) operating weight
• 8-ft., 5-in. (2,555-mm) digging depth
• 13-ft., 11-in. (4,233-mm) reach
• 4,766-lbf. (21200 N) bucket breakout force
• Available with long-arm option

Bobcat 316 Excavator
There are few jobsites where the narrow 316 won’t fit. With an undercarriage that hydraulically retracts to 27.6 in., the 316 is perfect for traveling through fence gates and working in tight-access areas. Once at the jobsite, the undercarriage expands to 35.6 in. for optimum productivity. Weighing less than one ton, the 316 is a popular model for rental yards because it’s easy to trailer and a good match for homeowner projects.
• 9.9 hp (7.5 kW) diesel engine
• 1,676-lb. (760-kg) operating weight
• 5-ft., 1-in. (1,550-mm) digging depth
• 9-ft. (2,755-mm) reach
• 1,874-lbf. (8,300 N) bucket breakout force

Bobcat 323 Excavator
Don’t let this model’s size fool you. The 323 has many of the same features of larger Bobcat compact excavators, such as an impressive hydraulic piston pump and powerful bucket breakout force. Similar to the 316, the 323 has an undercarriage that retracts to just 39 in. for jobsite access, expanding to a wide stance of 54 in. With nearly 13 ft. of reach, the 323 can efficiently load materials with less machine repositioning.
• 13.3 hp (11.7 kW) diesel engine
• 3,655-lb. (1,658-kg) operating weight
• 7-ft., 6-in. (2,197-mm) digging depth
• 12-ft., 10-in. (3,817-mm) reach
• 3,751-lbf. (16,688 N) bucket breakout force

Bobcat 329 Excavator
Built with the most-demanding applications in mind, the 329 features industry-leading arm and bucket forces to dig through the toughest soil. Operate the 329 with precise movements with Bobcat hydraulic joystick controls. Mount a breaker attachment to demolish concrete, then lift and place the broken pieces with a bucket and hydraulic clamp. With 16 ft. of reach you can place material quickly and efficiently into a nearby truck with less repositioning.
• 27.7 hp (20.6 kW) diesel engine
• 7,098-lb. (3,220-kg) operating weight
• 10-ft., 2-in. (3,101-mm) digging depth
• 16-ft. (4,874-mm) reach
• 6,866-lbf. (30,451 N) bucket breakout force

The best value in mid-size compact excavator price and performance.

Bobcat 331 Excavator
The mid-size 331 is a popular model with features such as contoured hydraulic joysticks for precise control, excellent fuel economy and a comfortable operating station. An advanced, closed-center hydraulic system delivers more power for lifting, digging and attachment usage. Combining precise controls with powerful digging abilities, the 331 is well-suited for any excavating project, and because of its compact size and weight, the 331 is easier to tow than larger excavating machines.
• 40 hp (29.9 kW) diesel engine
• 7,185-lb. (3,259-kg) operating weight
• 10-ft., 2-in. (3,102-mm) digging depth
• 16-ft. (4,874-mm) reach
• 6,866-lbf. (30,451 N) bucket breakout force
• Available with long-arm or extendable arm options