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Spring 2007

How Rental Store Stays Competitive

Dennis Limberg

Dennis Limberg

Machine uptime is critical in the rental business, which is why many independent rental companies such as Eagle Rental choose Bobcat® compact equipment over the competition. Dennis Limberg — owner of the Statesville, N.C., rental center — learned that lesson after trying a different brand of skid-steer loader before returning to Bobcat.

“Durability sets Bobcat apart from the competition,” Limberg says. “The quality of the Bobcat loader components is better. With other machines we had problems with brakes and valves, especially leaks, but with Bobcat loaders, we have very few issues.”

Construction makes up about 65 percent of Limberg’s business. He says carrying Bobcat-branded loaders helps him keep his rates at a constant level and remain profitable in a competitive rental market. ”We’ve opted to keep our rates where they need to be to maintain good service,” he says.

Limberg’s Bobcat inventory includes numerous S175 skid-steer loaders, an S250 skid-steer loader, several T190 compact track loaders, including two new K-Series models, and a T300 compact track loader. In addition to these versatile loaders, Limberg stocks popular rental attachments including combination buckets, trenchers, dozer blades, landscape rakes, augers and pallet forks.

R.S. Braswell Company and the local Bobcat sales specialist keep Limberg competitive with other stores and up-to-date with the latest equipment. After 10 years of partnering with Bobcat, Eagle Rental remains a leader in the rental market thanks to Bobcat compact equipment.