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Spring 2007

A New Way to Clear Unwanted Trees and Brush

Bobcat Forestry Cutter Attachment

The new Bobcat forestry cutter attachment is ideal for land-clearing jobs.

In response to a growing demand from customers who perform site-clearing applications or are responsible for removing undergrowth, Bobcat has introduced a new forestry cutter attachment and forestry applications kit.

Anti-burn laws and the need for clearing firebreaks have resulted in an even higher demand for land-clearing equipment such as the Bobcat® forestry cutter attachment. Contractors can keep the trees they want and clear the rest.

The Attachment
With its 60-in. cutting width and 30 cutting teeth punching into large-diameter trees, the forestry cutter A New Way to Clear Unwanted Trees and Brush attachment quickly brings the uppermost limbs to the ground. Operating the forestry attachment is easy. Simply lower the forestry cutter onto the tree, and watch its fast cutting teeth rip it to shreds. Or, tear trees to pieces by repeatedly striking them from the side. Tilt the forestry cutter downward to throw material against counter combs that reduce particles to fine mulch. Closing the optional front gate will help retain material.

The unique and durable design of the forestry cutter enables it to withstand extreme working conditions and efficiently grind down large trees. Double-tipped, non-reversible carbide teeth provide long life and efficiently rip through hard and soft wood.

The Applications Kit
The Bobcat loader must be equipped with a Bobcat forestry applications kit in order for the attachment to operate. The kit includes a specially designed polycarbonate 3⁄4 in. laminated front door and window to prevent objects from entering the cab. An ACD-controlled valve ensures the forestry door is installed on the loader before the attachment runs. The door features an emergency exit for the operator. To exit the loader, just lift the orange handle that releases the hinge pins on the left side of the door.

The Bobcat forestry applications kit incorporates several safety guards and other features to protect the operator and loader. Those features include iSO 3449 Level II falling object protective structure (FOPS), 1⁄4 in. Polycarbonate top and rear windows, lift cylinder debris shields, front and rear light guards, a hydraulic quick coupler guard, radiator debris screen, muffler guard and fire extinguisher. Daily maintenance is still required.

The attachment features safety chains that reduce debris thrown to the rear by the counter combs.