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Spring 2007

Saving Time and Labor

Toolcat 5600

Using skid-steer loader attachmants on a Toolcat 5600 utility work machine is a big advantage. Nearly 40 attachments are approved

A variety of Bobcat® equipment helps ground services manager John Rombough and his crew save time and labor in maintaining the 123-acre campus of Black Hills State University, Spearfish, S.D.

The equipment lineup includes a Bobcat S300 skid-steer loader, a Toolcat™ 5600 utility work machine, a 2200 utility vehicle and seven Bobcat attachments. Most of the attachments can be used with both the skid-steer loader and the utility work machine, adding to the cost-effectiveness of the equipment.

"It's really nice to be able to use attachments with the 5600 when the S300 is busy," says Rombough.

The S300 does the heavier work. In addition to the bucket, it is used with the backhoe attachment. This has eliminated the cost of renting a tractor loader-backhoe for digging jobs. The S300 is also ideal for clearing snow from sidewalks and parking lots using the snow V-blade. The machine is equipped with the hydraulic Power Bob-Tach™ system. This time-saving feature allows operators to change attachments at the push of a button without leaving the cab.

The Toolcat 5600 also makes many campus maintenance chores easier. Like the S300, it can be equipped with an angle broom for sweeping sidewalks, an auger for drilling holes for fencing and tree planting jobs, a pallet fork for loading and unloading supplies and materials and a snow blade for clearing snow. The cargo box makes it easy to haul materials, such as grass clippings, branches and bags of garbage.

"Unlike the skid-steer loader, we can use the 5600 on landscaping projects to carry another worker in the cab while hauling dirt and tools in the back," Rombough adds.

The four-wheel drive, diesel-powered 2200, equipped with a heated cab, saves time shuttling workers from one jobsite to the next. The tilt cargo box is also used to carry materials. This machine replaced several golf cars."The 2200 doesn't damage turf and it is much better for winter use than a golf car," Rombough says.