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Spring 2007

2300 A New Kind of Utility Vehicle

The revolutionary Bobcat® 2300 4x4 utility vehicle gives a whole new meaning to the concept of a utility vehicle. It's the only one that offers the versatility and convenience of a joystick-controlled attachment system.

Mounted on the front of the 2300, the RapidLink™ lift arm can be used with a variety of Bobcat attachments, for jobs such as grading dirt, sweeping debris from paved areas, moving pallets of materials, mowing grass and pushing snow. The 2300 can lift loads weighing up to 500 lb. as high as 2 ft. When not needed, the lift arm mechanism stows easily out of the way.

A 20 hp diesel engine provides plenty of dependable power for towing and hauling you and a passenger, along with your tools and gear, where you need to go. And, when you do, the exclusive 4x4 IntelliTrak™ automatic traction means no stopping, no buttons, no levers and no need to lock differentials when shifting between 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive. Simply select forward or reverse and go. The drive system takes care of your traction needs automatically, whether you're breezing across the flats or conquering tough terrain.

These aren't the only reasons owners are pleased with their decision to buy this newest Bobcat utility vehicle.

They’ve found that the rack-andpinion steering, excellent suspension system and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes of the 2300 make the going easy. Industry-leading leg room, an adjustable driver’s seat and tilt steering column add to their comfort. Meanwhile, a generous electric dump cargo box the biggest in its class—and a 2-in. rear receiver hitch give even more ways to save time and work.

Owners also appreciate the lift-up seats, cargo box and hood for easy routine maintenance and the rust-free, all-aluminum frame, a two-year frame and driveline warranty for extra peace of mind.

Here's a closer look at how the 2300 is paying off for some of these owners.

Greg Piechota tested the 2300 and knew it was the best.

Greg Piechota

A master of many farm chores.
When selecting a utility vehicle to help save time and work on his Pennsylvania goat farm, Greg Piechota was picky. That's why he purchased a Bobcat 2300, after comparing its performance with several different brands. He was quickly sold on its versatility, handling and traction, especially when the going got tough.

"I wasn't going to buy a utility vehicle if it wasn't exactly what I wanted," he says. "I drove the 2300 around the farm and knew that it was the one."

Piechota has plenty of experience with the performance and reliability of Bobcat equipment.

In addition to owning Bobcat skidsteer loaders in a previous business, he maintains a fleet of 12 Bobcat rental machines (three units each of the S175, S185 and S250 skid-steer loaders, 328 and 331E excavators and a loader backhoe). His company, American Rental Equipment, serves smaller commercial builders and homeowners in Allentown, Pa.

The 2300 beat out other brands in a number of areas:

Exceptional versatility.
The RapidLink attachment system, which he uses with a bucket and snow blade attachment, was a big attraction for Piechota.

"The machine has enough power so you can use it with different attachments to do more than just haul tools in the back," he says. "Changing attachments is easy. You just line up the attachment with the loader arm, flip a lever and you're done."

He also likes the bigger cargo box of his 2300 compared to the other utility vehicles he tried.

Incredible traction.
The automatic four-wheel drive was another big plus for Piechota. In fact, in trying out the different utility vehicles, he tested each on a particular hill on his farm. To make it up the hill with the other machines, he had to stop and manually switch from two-wheel drive to lock them in four-wheel drive. Then, the vehicle would roll back a little before he got moving again.

"The 2300 went right up the hill without stopping or having to shift," Piechota says. "I didn't even feel the four-wheel drive lock in. Also, because the 2300 doesn't go into four-wheel drive if not needed, it doesn't tear up grass when turning in the field, like the machines with manual four wheel drive selection."

Joystick attachment control.
"The joystick is great," he says. "It lets you raise, lower and tilt the attachments with just one hand."

He also found that the 2300 offered more operator room. He likes the ability to adjust the seat and steering wheel. "My 2300 is comfortable and fun to drive," Piechota says. He has equipped the machine with a vinyl top and enclosure to add to comfort in cold, wet weather.

Heavy-duty construction.
"It's a well-built machine," he reports.

There are plenty of chores on Piechota's Ko-Z-Kountry Farm, where he raises both meat and milking goats. The 2300 has proved to be a valuable time-and labor-saver. Piechota, who also owns a Bobcat MT52 for his farm, puts his 2300 utility vehicle to work on a variety of jobs, ranging from cleaning barns and plowing snow to hauling hay, tools and supplies.

"I use the MT52 to load bedding and manure from the barns into the 2300, which hauls it out to the field," he says. "Instead of having to shovel it off, like I did with my pickup truck, I can use the 2300 to dump the material wherever I want it."

The 2300 also outperforms his pickup truck on other jobs.

"It's a lot more maneuverable and can easily make turns in the tight areas around the barn and it's easier to load shovels, tools and fencing materials into the cargo box than the much higher bed of my pickup truck."

A multi-purpose machine for farm, street and trail.
From maintaining pasture and woodlands and tending to horses, to working parades and hunting deer and ducks, Bob Amelung is finding plenty of ways to save time and work and enjoy recreational pursuits with his Bobcat 2300 utility vehicle.

After buying seven acres of land in suburban St. Louis, Mo., near Hillsboro, he went searching for a machine to help prepare the mini-ranch for his and his wife’s Tennessee Walker and Pasa Fino horses. He looked at conventional 4-wheel drive utility vehicles, utility tractors with front-end loaders and zero-turn radius mowing machines. None provided the versatility and value he wanted. Then, last fall, he spotted a Bobcat 2300 at a trade show. "When I saw the attachment system on the front, the various attachments, the dump cargo box and all for a price that was in my budget, I nearly fell over," he recalls. "I was amazed at all the equipment options and the voids it filled in my want list."

He contacted his dealer, Bobcat of St. Louis, who provided a 2300 for Amelung to try out on his ranch. Instead of returning the utility vehicle after 10 hours of demo use, he bought it along with four Bobcat attachments-bucket, mower, pallet forks and snow blade.

Amelung first put his 2300 to work preparing the area for the horses. That included using the pallet forks to carry and stack firewood from areas cleared of trees and the bucket to spread rock in paddocks and around the stable. "I spread almost 35 tons of rock with my Bobcat utility vehicle," he says.

An early winter storm gave Amelung the chance to use the 2300 with the snow blade to clear snow from his driveway and other paved areas and with the pallet forks to carry pallets of bagged salt for melting ice. The mower attachment is handy for cutting four acres of grass pasture and the yard around his house. This unit maneuvers easily among some closely-spaced trees. "Because of its maneuverability I was able to save trees that provide shade for the horses," Amelung says. "I wouldn't have been able to maneuver around the trees with a tractor and mower unit."

As captain of the Moolah Mounted Lancers, the local Shriner's 15-member questrian drill team, Amelung will be taking his 2300 along when the group performs in parades. Replacing a golf car, it will follow behind the horses to carry spare halters, lead ropes and other pieces of tack and clean up manure during parades.

"The 2300 is a class act following another class act, our troop," he says. "It will also save us thousands of steps carrying bales of hay and bedding from our trailer to the horse stalls when we're on the road."

He's been impressed with the RapidLink™ attachment system. "The ease of mounting and disconnecting the attachments is unbelievable," he says. "The joystick makes it very easy to maneuver into position and by throwing a single lever I lock the attachment in place. There are no cotter pins, bolts or chains."

He also likes the cargo box. "After loading the box with limbs or other debris, I can simply dump it where I want," he explains. "I don't have to handle the material twice.

"The 2300 has met all my expectations for working in rough terrain clearing wooded areas for pasture," he adds. "It goes through mud without problems and it goes into areas where I couldn't get a pickup truck. The adjustable driver's seat, the tilt steering wheel and the location and operation of the joystick make it very operator friendly."

With all these and other pleasing features, such as the diesel engine, ease of servicing, the bright headlights and the standard ROPS, it's little wonder that Amelung sums up the performance of his 2300 utility vehicle this way: "It beats anything else I've seen hands down."

Bob Amelubg finds many uses for his 2300.

Bob Amelung

A great ranch hand.
At one time, Jerry Peters, Kiowa, Colo., used a conventional 4-wheel drive utility vehicle on his Magic Dog Ranch, where he raises Quarter horses and a few pleasure horses. Then, he saw an ad describing the Bobcat 2300 utility vehicle and its various attachments.

"I liked what I saw and bought it," says Peters, who purchased his 2300 along with a bucket, pallet forks and snow blade from his dealer, Bobcat of the Rockies. "It's a more practical, much more substantial vehicle. And, I can mount an attachment in half a minute or less."

"It's a more practical, much more substantial vehicle. And I can mount an attachment in half a minute or less."
—Jerry Peters, Magic Dog Ranch

He uses the 2300 with the bucket for minor repairs to the mile-long lane to his house and the pallet forks to haul hay to the pastures for his horses. It offers a much more productive cargo hauler than his previous utility vehicle.

"Before I could haul only one bale at a time," Peters says. "With the pallet forks, I can carry several bales at a time."

Equipped with the snow blade, his 2300 wastes no time clearing his lane. "It's absolutely one of the best snowmoving machines out there," he says. "I use it to clear snow up to about 2-ft.-deep."

Meanwhile, the dump cargo box is great for hauling bags of feed, fencing materials and other supplies and equipment.

The standard diesel engine is another plus for the 2300, he adds. Frequently, when doing chores with the machine, the engine remains idling. Unlike a gasoline engine, a diesel can idle for long periods of time without causing any engine problems, Peters notes.

The IntelliTrak™ drive system makes it easy to get around his ranch, too. "The traction is beyond the expectations I had when I bought the 2300," Peters says. "When the machine meets resistance, such as pushing snow, it automatically gears itself down to keep going.

"In terms of an all-around utility vehicle to handle ranch chores, I can't imagine any better machine on the market today."

Working and playing hard in the country.
"When it comes to machinery, I'm not easy to please," says Dean Skaggs, whose career has revolved around machinery, both as a heavy equipment operator and as an inventor and manufacturer of mining tools. So, he speaks from years of equipment experience when describing the value of his Bobcat 2300 utility vehicle in saving time and labor on his 40-acre farm near Bonne Terre, Mo.

"It's the handiest piece of machinery I've ever used in my life," he says "I can't say enough about it."

Skaggs, whose farm equipment includes a Bobcat 331 compact excavator as well as a large excavator, tractor-loader-backhoe and several farm tractors, discovered the 2300 while searching for a conventional utility vehicle to travel around his wooded acreage.

"I took it for a test drive and was hooked," he recalls. "My son, Joe, who races four-wheel utility vehicles, fell in love with it, too."

Skaggs was intrigued by the ability to use the 2300 with various attachments to save time and labor on his farm. He was also impressed by other features.

"Its performance blew my mind," he says. "The wannabe utility vehicles I looked at just didn't stack up to it. And, my 2300 is built so much better. I'd trade my tractor-loader-backhoe and both tractors before I ever let go of that machine."

The RapidLink lift arm enables the 2300 to use a variety ot attachments

2300 RapidLink Attachment System

Using a bucket attachment, he puts his 2300 to work on a variety of chores that include grading gravel roads and transporting fence posts, wire, fertilizer and other materials around the farm. It’s also proven to be a handy dump truck. For example, following a storm this past winter, he used his Bobcat excavator to load tree limbs and other storm debris into the cargo box of the 2300, which hauled them off to a dumping site. For the same project, he also used the utility vehicle to carry and dump dirt to fill up holes where the excavator had dug up tree stumps.

His wife, Eyvonne, also uses the 2300 for gardening and landscaping work. "It's so easy for her to operate," he reports. "She loves it."

Skaggs also likes the turf-friendly operation, traction and ride of the S300's automatic, on-demand fourwheel drive system. "It doesn't tear up the ground when you turn and the ability to go through mud is amazing," he says. "Bobcat engineers have that traction control down right.

"I have excellent control of the vehicle, even with a full bucket of dirt, and the ride at full speed is still unbelievably smooth."

For those looking for a strong, versatile and comfortable utility vehicle, Skaggs offers this advice. "Drive the 2300 before you try anything else. If you're a farmer, a construction contractor or just need to maintain a large yard, I don't see how you would want to be without this machine."

To see how the Bobcat 2300 utility vehicle can fit your work and leisure lifestyle, visit your local Bobcat dealer today.