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Summer 2007

Easily Lift and Carry Objects with Tree Fork Attachment

Tree fork attachment

Easily lift and carry objects with the new Bobcat tree fork attachment.

For projects that call for lifting and transporting trees, landscape rocks and other odd-shaped objects, the new Bobcat® tree fork attachment makes the job much easier.

Nurseries and landscapers who previously transported balled, potted and burlap-covered trees can replace manual labor with the tree fork and get the job done more quickly.

The tree fork has two arms—one stationary and the other hydraulic. The left arm opens and closes via a hydraulic cylinder, enabling the attachment to carry objects between 7- and 36-in.-wide. The left arm moves to hold trees or other objects against the stationary right arm, which is mounted in one of two positions for optimizing the size of objects the tree fork can transport.

Tree fork attachment

Ideal for lifting and carrying landscaping supplies, the Bobcat tree fork attachment and MT52 mini track loader can save on labor needs.

The tree fork is approved for the Bobcat MT52 and MT55 mini track loaders and 463, 553 and S100 skid-steer loaders. Attach the tree fork using the Bob-Tach™ mounting system, then lift and carry objects according to the loader's rated operating capacity.

To prevent over-squeezing balled and burlap-covered trees, the tree fork features a relief valve to protect the root system.