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Summer 2007

Attachments Changed How Landscaper Works

Bobcat landscape attachments have changed the way Jerry Haupt works—he uses less labor, is able to hold the line on prices, completes jobs faster and easier and produces a higher quality end-product.

Jerry Haupt

Jerry Haupt

Jerry and his wife Linda have owned Lakeland Landscape Service for 34 years. Six employees work for the Manitowoc, Wis., firm. They do installation of lawns and plantings, sodding and hydroseeding, landscape design, brick paver patios and sidewalks.

"We began using a Payloader," says Haupt. "It generally sat idle except for loading soil. We replaced it with tractors. In the early 1990s we saw what Bobcat® loaders could do, and all the attachments that were available, and got rid of our tractors. As Bobcat brought more landscaping attachments to the marketplace our business changed for the better."

Today the Haupts own two S160s and a 763 skid-steer loader, along with a soil conditioner, auger, tiller and two landscape rakes, purchased from Miller Implement Co., St. Nazianz, Wis. "All of our prep work is done with our Bobcat equipment," says Haupt. "We use them wherever and whenever we can."

The landscaping attachments that Lakeland Landscape Service relies on:

Soil conditioner. A cost-effective way to smooth ruts, level mounds and move material, the Bobcat soil conditioner windrows and separates rocks and other debris with both forward and reverse raking action.

Auger. With the Bobcat auger the entire drive unit follows the bit into the hole, adding a foot more dig depth than other brands.

Tiller. Perfect for breaking up ground and mixing compost and other materials into the soil, the Bobcat tiller with offset mounting can work close to buildings, sidewalks and curbs.

Landscape rake. The ideal finishing attachment, it rakes and collects surface debris while smoothing and leveling the soil.

Bobcat S160 loader

Jerry Haupt says his Bobcat equipment, such as the S160, "has certainly enhanced our reputation."

"These attachments—especially the soil conditioner and landscape rake—have allowed us to cut down on labor," says Haupt. "The landscape rake, for example, does a much better job than we ever did by hand. We produce very clean sites and do it faster. It's good for us and for our customers."
With rising costs, such as fuel, wages and health insurance, Haupt has been able to maintain competitive prices because he can get jobs done in less time. "Customers appreciate the fact that we keep costs in line," he says.
Haupt regularly hears other comments about his Bobcat attachments.

"We typically arrive at a site in the morning after it has been rough graded by a dozer," he says. "By the time we're done it's clean, ready for sod or seeding. Customers are surprised by the amount and quality of work we accomplish with our Bobcat products. They also comment about how close we can get to their house, sidewalk or plants without damaging any property. Believe me, this equipment and the way we use it has certainly enhanced our reputation."

Landscaper Likes Bobcat Loader Options
The Bobcat Advanced Control System (ACS) and Power Bob-Tach™ attachment mounting system are two favorite loader options of Wisconsin landscaper
Jerry Haupt.

With the ACS the operator can choose between Bobcat foot controls and H-pattern hand controls to control the loader’s lift and tilt functions at the flip of a switch.

"I prefer hand controls because I grew up operating that type of machine," says Haupt. "All of our other guys like foot controls. As someone who hires operators from varied backgrounds, that's an important option."

The Power Bob-Tach system is especially valuable in the winter. "We do a lot of snow removal work and frequently switch between a bucket and snow pusher attachment. Not having to leave the cab in cold weather is really nice."