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Bobcatalog 2007

New Leasing Option Makes Owning and Operating Bobcat Equipment Even More Attractive

The newest evolution of the PowerLease is the latest of several leasing and financing programs available from Ingersoll-Rand Financial Services, a division of CitiCapital Commercial Corporation ("IRFS"), offering even lower payments, unlimited hourly usage combined with simplicity and flexibility.

Bobcat S220 Loader

The PowerLease now offers unlimited hourly usage.

"The latest version of the PowerLease is better than ever," says Demian Tallman, a marketing analyst with IRFS. "It continues as an affordable alternative to tradional financing, but now offers even lower payments with unlimited hourly usage, flexible options to purchase, trade up or just walk away at the end of the lease."

The PowerLease can offer several advantages including cash flow and tax and accounting benefits. Also, it allows you to operate new equipment, upgrade your technology to reduce the potential downtime of older equipment and keep credit lines open to conserve operating capital.

All new Bobcat® skid-steer and compact track loaders, excavators, Toolcat™ utility work machines, VersaHandler® telescopic tool carriers and up to two new attachments for each power unit are eligible for the PowerLease. The PowerLease now offers unlimited hourly usage which is an upgrade from the 800 hours or less a year that was previously offered.

Flexibility is one attractive feature of the PowerLease. You know up-front the cost of buying the equipment during the contract. Two early buyout options allow you to purchase the machine for a pre-determined price at two different times during the life of the lease. Or, at the end of the lease, you can buy the machine for its fair market value or return it to your dealer.

Additional benefits of the PowerLease: No down payment is required; monthly payments are lower than traditional financing and no sales tax is due at signing.

Bobcat 435 Excavator

Flexibility is one of the key features of the PowerLease.

"This latest version of the PowerLease gives you the best of both worlds—even lower monthly payments and the ability to purchase the equipment during or at the end of the lease term," says Tallman.

Contact your Bobcat dealer for details about the PowerLease and other financing options.