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Fall 2007

Explosive Growth Calls for Bobcat Compact Equipment

Adobe West Landscaping

A Bobcat mini track loader with trencher easily digs through tough soil.

Explosive! That is how Scott Rennicks of Adobe West Landscaping Company, Oakland, Calif., describes the housing market in northern California. Rennicks saw an opportunity and capitalized on the housing development by growing the company’s landscape construction business. When it came time to select a long-term partner for compact equipment needs, Rennicks chose dependable Bobcat® equipment from Bobcat West.

Although Bobcat West is Rennicks’s current compact equipment provider, he admits that he purchased another brand before realizing the importance of local sales, service and parts. “We originally tried buying some used equipment from rental yards,” Rennicks says. “They were difficult to service and it was tough to get parts. When we decided to replace the machines, we looked for a good place to get service and parts — that is why we ended up going with Bobcat.”

Since switching to the Bobcat brand, Rennicks has built quite a fleet of different machines, including seven 430 Zero House Swing (ZHS) compact excavators, a 331 compact excavator, various skid-steer loaders, a powerful T300 compact track loader and five MT52 and MT55 mini track loaders. Rennicks matches Bobcat attachments, such as trenchers and job-related buckets, to these tool carriers to further maximize their versatility.

Bobcat 430 Compact Excavator

A Bobcat 430 ZHS compact excavator is a natural fit for Adobe West Landscaping.

Landscaping Projects Call for Compact Machines
Landscaping projects in the Bay Area call for compact equipment because of confined residential developments. Bobcat equipment fits the bill for these landscaping jobs. “The 430 compact excavator has a good turning radius to get into tight spots,” Rennicks says. “We rely on our 430 excavators to trench new drainage installations because we have good reach with the excavators’ arms.”

Tracked equipment also plays an important part. Because of the demand for new housing, landscapers work year-round to keep up with residential and commercial developers. “In California, even through it rains in the winter, you have to continue to work in less-than-ideal conditions because of tight schedules,” he says. “The tracks on our Bobcat equipment allow us to do that, providing a good base for working in wet conditions.”

Bobcat MT52 and MT55 loaders are matched with trencher attachments to dig underground irrigation systems. “Our operators like the versatility of the machines and the ability to get into tight areas,” Rennicks says. “With the real estate market being as tight as it is in northern California, there are very little setbacks. We need a piece of equipment to get in between those areas.”