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Fall 2007

Operate Bobcat Loaders Remotely

Radio Remote Control

Improve jobsite productivity with the new Bobcat loader radio remote control system.

The latest in compact equipment innovations from Bobcat Company is the new loader radio remote control system. The system allows operators to control select Bobcat® loaders remotely, minimizing jobsite environment discomforts and improving productivity.

Bobcat all-wheel steer loaders, as well as skid-steer or compact track loaders equipped with Selectable Joystick Controls (SJC), are compatible with the new loader radio remote control system. The loader radio remote control system is easy to install.

Transferring the loader radio remote control system from one loader to another is simple.Once installed, an operator can control the loader from outside the cab up to a range of approximately 1,500 feet.

The system allows an operator to start the engine and operate the drive, lift, tilt and auxiliary hydraulic functions — all while potentially increasing productivity. Jobs previously requiring two or more employees can now be completed by one employee because the system provides excellent control and visibility of the machine, while minimizing operator discomforts.

Popular applications for the radio remote control system include the military, shipping yards (barge unloading), power plants, foundries, manufacturing plants and municipalities. Concrete demolition, highway and asphalt planing, stump removal and poultry barn cleanup are just a few of the possible applications in which operators might utilize the system.

Customers with the following attachments may benefit from the radio remote control system:

  • Breakers and drop hammers in demolition applications.
  • Buckets to scrape out barges and ships.
  • Grapples to grab hard-to-handle materials.

Remote Control Simplifies Barge Unloading in New Orleans

It wasn’t long before Bobcat had its first success story with the new system. During a demonstration at a barge unloading application in New Orleans, company representatives quickly realized the benefits of operating a Bobcat S220 skid-steer loader remotely to handle cement powder. Previously, the loader operator wore a head-to-toe hazmat suit in an open cab, because if the air conditioning system was engaged, the cement would collect moisture and harden like concrete. As one might imagine, wearing a cumbersome hazmat suit in the New Orleans heat and humidity could be extremely uncomfortable. Now, an operator can comfortably unload the cement from the barge remotely, thanks to the new radio remote system.

Radio Remote Control at Barge

Comfortably operate Bobcat compact loaders as far as 1,500 feet away with the new loader radio remote control system.

Important Safety Features

Several safety features play an important part of this system, including an operator training course with video, hands-on and classroom training and operation, maintenance and parts manuals. Additional safety features of the system include an emergency stop button on the transmitter and E-stop box mounted on the loader; system shutdown abilities from tilt sensors in the transmitter; and a transmitter guard bar to protect against inadvertently activating or damaging the controls. Visit with your local dealer for more information.

NOTE: The Bobcat loader radio remote control system is not approved for certain hazardous or explosive environments (see the Operation, Maintenance and Parts Manual for more information); however, it does allow the operator to be separate from the loader. This can potentially increase productivity and comfort by not subjecting the operator to dusty and noisy environments.

To read more information about the Bobcat loader radio remote control system, visit

Radio Remote Control Receiver

A wireless, lightweight transmitter has easy-to-operate controls. Pictured are the radio remote control receiver and E-stop box.