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June 2007

Hydraulic X-Change Attachment Mounting System Now on 331, 425 and 430 Excavators

WEST FARGO, N.D. — June 2007

The new Hydraulic X-Change™ attachment mounting system is now available on Bobcat® 331, 425 and 430 compact excavators, and it delivers a faster and easier method of changing attachments without the need for tools. No longer must compact excavator operators manually position or align attachment pins during hook-up with the Hydraulic X-Change mounting system from Bobcat Company.

This optional system for Bobcat compact excavators features hydraulically activated retention pins that can be set in motion by flipping a switch inside the cab. It retracts the pins for attachment removal and extends them for attachment hook up, thus saving the operator time and labor. Then, the operator simply installs the retainer pins before operating.

Bobcat representatives say the ease of the new feature will encourage operators to use the proper-sized excavator bucket and the best attachment for the job, resulting in improved operator efficiency and machine utilization.

“Attachment capabilities make a big impact on operators’ productivity,” said Tom Connor, excavator product specialist for Bobcat Company. “When you use the right attachment for the job it can mean fuel savings, less time spent backfilling and less wear and tear on the machine.” Several attachments can be used with Bobcat compact excavators, including the trenching bucket, grading bucket, hydraulic breaker, auger and compactor.

The Hydraulic X-Change attachment mounting system was designed to maintain optimal “pin-on” bucket geometry, so that arm and bucket forces aren’t compromised and remain the same as excavators without the option. This means operators aren’t sacrificing performance for easy attachment changes.

The optional attachment mounting system was already available on the larger 335, 435 and 337 Bobcat excavator models.

The widely known Bobcat brand includes an extensive line of powerful, nimble compact construction equipment and attachments and state-of-the-art engineering capabilities.

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QuickLook: Hydraulic X-Change Attachment Mounting System

  • Now available on Bobcat® 331, 425 and 430 compact excavators, in addition to the larger 335, 435 and 337 models
  • Hydraulically activated attachment retention pins
  • Eliminates manual positioning and aligning of attachment pins
  • Improves operator efficiency and machine utilization
  • Encourages use of proper attachments
  • Maintains optimal “pin-on” bucket geometry