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One Man Crew!

Find a Rental Machine from Bobcat

Which type of Bobcat® machine is best for your rental needs? With the growing rental equipment choices, you may be unsure where to begin.

As a starting point, match your needs with the strengths of each machine type. Not all machines are available for rental at all locations, so contact your dealer for rates and availability.

Mini Track Loaders

Best for walk-behind or ride-on convenience; delivers big-machine performance in a personal package.

  • Maneuver through gates, cramped yards and tight corners (machine width of 36 in.).
  • Minimize damage to lawns and other surfaces with reduced ground pressure.
  • Adjust travel speed/direction and lift/tilt operations using the simple controls.

Skid-Steer Loaders

Best for all-around maneuverability, powerful performance and cost-effective work.

  • Complete a wide range of tasks.
  • Choose from many machine sizes, operating capacities and lift heights.
  • Pair with more attachments and options than any other manufacturer.

Compact Track Loaders

Best for higher pushing force, increased flotation and minimal ground disturbance, helping you work earlier in the spring and later in the fall.

  • Work more productively in soft, sandy, wet or muddy conditions.
  • Receive unmatched rough terrain performance.
  • Handle heavy loads with the increased lift capacity.

All-Wheel Steer Loaders

Best for steering options, high maneuverability and low impact to existing surfaces.

  • Choose from two steering modes: Go from all-wheel steer to skid-steer mode with the flip of a dash panel switch.
  • Combine the smooth efficiency of all-wheel steer loader with the agility of a skid-steer loader.
  • Maneuver easily in either steering mode.

Compact Excavators

Best for powerful digging, enhanced spoil placement and reduced repositioning in tight areas.

  • Receive up to 180 degrees of movement in tight areas.
  • Rent a smaller model to fit through gates and maneuver cramped yards.
  • Work in an offset position for digging square holes or accessing each side of a buried utility.
  • View your bucket or attachment without obstructions.

Telescopic Tool Carriers (Telehandlers)

Best for loading, digging, handling and placing material, grading, snow removal, sweeping and more.

  • Receive the speed, agility and strength of a skid-steer loader with extended reach and attachment capabilities.
  • Pair with more than 20 Bobcat attachments.
  • Choose from three steering modes and shift on the fly between high and low drive speed.

Utility Vehicles

Best for hauling supplies, carrying passengers, towing trailers and even using attachments.

  • Transport as many as six occupants, depending on the model.
  • More fuel efficient, maneuverable and versatile than all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and pickups.
  • Haul material, sweep, move pallets, mow your acreage, clear snow and more with attachments on select models.

ToolcatTM Utility Work Machines

Best for versatile lifting, hauling, towing and attachment capabilities.

  • Lift materials or connect to one of more than 40 front-mounted attachments.
  • Haul materials, tools and supplies in the cargo box; unload in seconds without leaving the cab.
  • Transport a coworker, family member or friend in the passenger seat while towing 4000 lb. with the 2" standard receiver hitch.
  • Choose options for 3-point hitch, rear PTO and rear remote hydraulics (5610 only).