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One Man Crew!

Training and Safety Resources for Bobcat Equipment Rentals

Are you a first-time renter with little compact equipment experience? Do you own a business and new employees will operate your rental machine or attachments?

Bobcat provides resources to help ensure safe, productive use of rental equipment. Be sure to review them before you operate your rental unit and contact your dealer with questions.

"Rent It Safely" Brochures

Bobcat "Rent It Safely" brochures outline general safety precautions and recommendations for specific machines. Consult these brochures along with the detailed instructions provided with all Bobcat equipment. Brochures are available for the following machines:

Safety Videos

Watch these videos for a brief overview of safe machine operation, or talk to your dealer about reviewing the complete Operating Training Course Kit for comprehensive training (below):

Training Course Kits

For comprehensive training, choose the Bobcat Operator Training Course kits. New and experienced operators benefit from these valuable courses that cover various machines and attachments. Courses include:

To learn more information and view sample video clips, visit Bobcat Training. Purchase course materials from the Bobcat Store or your local Bobcat dealer.