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Road Tour - Kansas City

KC Bobcat
Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - 11 am to 5 pm

Road Tour Address:
American Royal Parking Lot
1701 American Royal Ct.
Kansas City, MO 64102

Directions to Locations

Dealership Information

Dealer History:
A family owned business from its inception, KC Bobcat was established in 1974 by Ed Hammond and Marvin Droege. Experiencing substantial growth since it's founding more than 30 years ago, the business now has four strategically located operations in the Kansas City metropolitan area and one additional location in Warrensburg, Missouri. With more than 60 employees at the Bobcat locations, KC Bobcat operates stores in Olathe, KS; Blue Springs, Grandview, Platte City and Warrensburg, MO. The Berry Companies purchased KC Bobcat in January of 2000. The KC Bobcat tour stop will be held at American Royal in Kansas City.

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