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Turn Abominable to Profitable.
Snow Removal
Snow Removal Overview

Take Winter Chores by Storm

Take On Any Size Snowfall

No matter the space - walkways, sidewalks, parking lots or streets - there's a machine to get the job done. Bobcat machines are agile and compact, meaning they can get into small spaces where larger equipment can't.

You'll have better access to parking lots, driveways, walkways, and other places where you need to maneuver around cars, lights, curbs, and other obstacles.

Toolcat 5600

Toolcat 5600

Toolcat 5600

The Toolcat™ utility work machine with rear spreader and a front-mounted attachment can clear snow and spread salt/sand in one pass. It gives you all the best features of a loader, pickup truck, utility vehicle and attachment carrier in one machine. All-wheel steer provides a turning radius smaller than most ATVs for unmatched maneuverability in tight spaces.

VersaHandler TTC

VersaHandler with bucket attachment

The VersaHandler® telescopic tool carriers can move large volumes of snow and pile it higher than a one-yard loader. And with efficient travel speeds, you won't waste any time getting from one site to the next.

Utility Vehicles

3450 with snow blade attachment

With the Bobcat 3650 utility vehicle, you can use the Multi-Attachment X-Change™ (M.A.X.) system to operate many standard attachments and select Power-Take-Off (PTO) attachments including a snowblower or angle broom. Most other models can operate an integrated snow blade.

Mini Track Loaders

Mini track loader with sweeper attachment

The easy-to-operate mini track loader with ride-on operator platform can access spaces too small for larger equipment. It delivers big machine performance in a smaller package to tackle virtually any of your tight-access snow removal jobs.

All-Wheel Steer Loaders

A300 with bucket attachment

All-wheel steer loaders with steerable axles increase comfort on hard surfaces and allow you to direct tractive effort, minimizing sliding when pushing snow. Go from all-wheel steer to skid-steer mode with the flip of a switch. It can maneuver in tight spaces, turn within its own length and deliver high performance day in and day out.

Skid-Steer Loaders

S205 with snowblower attachment

Choose a radius lift path skid-steer loader for all-around snow pushing performance or a vertical lift path model for maximum reach when loading snow into trucks. With other options like the Power-Bob-TachTM mounting system, Selectable Joystick Controls, or the Advanced Control System, operators will work in comfort any time of day.

Work Safely

Train your operators and technicians in the safe operation and servicing of Bobcat equipment with operator training courses and safety videos.