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Rear Remote Hydraulics

The rear remote hydraulics for the Toolcat™ 5610 adds greater control of your 3-point hitch implements. Make every minute count with exceptional accuracy as you place snow, move dirt, dump materials and more. Avoid slowdowns, rework and manual labor.

The hydraulic system on the 5610 allows you to control up to two additional hydraulic functions using switches inside the Toolcat 5610 cab. You receive 9.08 gpm of momentary hydraulic flow as you hold the switch to power various implement functions. The rear remote hydraulics feature poppet-style female couplers that are standard equipment on implements requiring additional hydraulic capabilities.

Use rear remote hydraulics to precisely control and adjust many implements:

  • Adjust a snowblower’s chute direction and angle
  • Lower and lift multiple-stage mower decks
  • Add an aftermarket top-and-tilt kit to the Toolcat 5610 and increase the functionality of an angle blade, tine rake, box blade and other implements
  • Unload cargo from a hydraulic dump trailer


The angle of the box blade attachment is adjusted precisely using rear remote hydraulics.