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Compare Utility Vehicles & Toolcat Utility Work Machines

The chart below allows you to compare the Bobcat Utility Vehicle and Toolcat Work Machine product lines by the most common utility machine specifications. Simply select the spec you want to compare by clicking the spec type at the top of the chart. To view complete specifications for a specific model, click the model name on the comparison chart to go to that model page.

Or, you can click a link here to go directly to a model page at any time.
5600 5610 3200 3400 3400XL 3450 3600 3650

Click here for Historical Bobcat Utility Machines Specifications.

Utility Vehicles, Utility Work Machine Comparison

6000.0 Pounds
5400.0 Pounds
4800.0 Pounds
4200.0 Pounds
3600.0 Pounds
3000.0 Pounds
2400.0 Pounds
1800.0 Pounds
1200.0 Pounds
600.0 Pounds
5685.0 image TC 5600
5835.0 image TC 5610