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Any Day, Any Job: Attachments and Implements for Toolcat Utility Work Machines

Maximize your production and return on investment by connecting the Toolcat™ 5600 or 5610 to one of the several Bobcat® attachments. Mow in the morning, remove downed trees in the afternoon and dig post holes in the evening. You can leverage this investment in different ways all year long.

Tackle hundreds of jobs with your Toolcat utility work machine, eliminate costly labor, cut down on exhausting manual work and stop wasting time jumping from one dedicated machine to another. Simply buy the Bobcat attachments you use the most, like a snow blower or sweeper, and rent others, like a chipper, for one-time projects. You'll wonder if there's anything the Toolcat 5600 and 5610 can't do.

Toolcat Utility Work Machines Attachments & Implements

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Change Attachments In Less Than a Minute

It's fast, easy and you don't need any tools. The Toolcat 5600 and 5610 have a standard Bob-Tach™ mounting system that gives one person the ability to change Bobcat attachments in under a minute. Simply use the ergonomic joystick to line up with the attachment, lock the levers and go.

Compensating Pins

Wear Compensating Pins

When the Bob-Tach levers are locked down, wedge-shaped pins are engaged into the holes of the Bob-Tach plate of an attachment. Over the years, as the attachment sustains wear, the springs on the levers compensate by pushing the pins further into the attachment to always maintain a tight fit. View Closer

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Standard Bob-Tach

Standard Bob-Tach™

Change attachments in less than a minute! You can replace a bucket with a landscape rake, auger, grapple, snow blower and dozens more Bobcat® attachments quickly and easily with the Bob-Tach™ mounting system. Bobcat Company invented this system over 35 years ago, and it comes standard on all Bobcat loaders. Simply line up with the attachment, lock the levers and go.

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Power Bob-Tach

Power Bob-Tach™

Change attachments in under a minute without leaving your seat. With the flip of a dash panel switch, the optional Power Bob-Tach™ mounting system engages the Bob-Tach wedges into the attachment you wish to use. The system provides continuous charge pressure to secure the attachment and keep levers in the locked position. Line up the attachment using the ergonomic joystick, activate the switch and go.

pressure relief couplers

Pressure Relief Quick Couplers

Pressure relief quick couplers provide quick, easy hookup for hydraulically powered Bobcat attachments. They release oil and trapped pressure between the system and the attachment. Simply push the coupler inward, toward the machine and any oil trapped in the line will be released back into the machine. Bobcat Company is proud to have the cleanest, fastest and most efficient attachment changing system in the industry.

enhanced joystick control

Improved Joystick Controls

The latest Toolcat work machine innovations fit right in your hand. Convenient, intuitive and ergonomic controls on the joystick allow you to operate attachments without the need to look away from your work. No searching for buttons or switches. Use the joystick to control all attachment functions, such as rotating a snowblower chute or adjusting the angle of a soil conditioner. The wiper button is located on the joystick, helping you clear the windshield without stopping or looking away from the action.

Dual Direction Detent

Dual direction detent allows for continuous hydraulic flow to the Bobcat attachment in either direction so you don't have to hold down a switch, making it easier when using bi-directional attachments such as sweepers and tillers.

Lift Arm Float

Engage the float functionality by pushing the joystick all the way forward. This opens up the valve and permits free flow of oil in either direction, allowing the boom and attachment to follow the contours of the ground. Float in forward for smooth performance with a seeder, snow blower and mower and float in reverse for finish grading with a bucket.

attachments video screenshot

Optional High Flow

Optional High-Flow Hydraulics

High flow hydraulics maintain torque and attachment speed under a load. The Toolcat 5600 and 5610 give you additional hydraulic power for maximum performance on tough jobs like stump grinding, to grind stumps faster; and snow blowing, to throw snow farther.

variable flow hydraulics icon

Variable-Flow Hydraulics

When auxiliary hydraulics are engaged, variable flow allows for precise control of hydraulic attachments such as Bobcat grapples. It allows you to manage the auxiliary oil flow to open and close the grapple as slowly or quickly as you want.

Horsepower Management

The Toolcat utility work machine's unique horsepower management feature automatically balances power between the attachment and the drive system to provide maximum efficiency and productivity when there's a heavy load on the machine. When the machine encounters excess force, such as when mowing heavy brush, driving through sand, digging, tilling or working on a steep incline, it intuitively adjusts, keeping the attachment performance and engine rpm constant as the vehicle travel speed slows.

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work mode

Work Mode

Work mode gives you precise control of your Toolcat utility work machine's travel speed, when you need finite or creeping movements. It's great for working around structures, or when trenching, tilling or grading next to a building or fence. It also makes quick and easy work of lining up attachments and implements for fast hookup. More Work Mode

cruise control

Cruise Control

Set a travel speed and go. Cruise control makes long jobs more comfortable, so you'll feel less fatigue. It's perfect when mowing large lots or on any job that requires constant speed, such as spraying. Use the convenient accelerate and decelerate buttons to adjust your travel speed on the Toolcat 5600 or 5610. Our cruise control works with our horsepower management system and attachments to achieve the most efficient and effective use of power for the job you're on.

See Your Work

Ease stress and strain on your back and neck. The Toolcat 5600 and 5610 cab maximizes visibility for the operator, giving a full, easy view of Bobcat attachments. The Toolcat 5610 offers top visibility to the rear of the machine as you comfortably operate rear-mounted implements. You'll love the precise command you get on every job, and the better visibility will leave you feeling relaxed and energized at the end of the day when you step out of the cab.