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Toolcat All-Wheel Steer
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Precise Maneuverability: Toolcat 5600 and 5610

All-Wheel Steer

With all-wheel steer capabilities, Toolcat™ utility work machines offer the perfect balance of Bobcat® power and precision. Minimize tire wear while working on hard surfaces such as asphalt or concrete, and minimize ground disturbance while working on soft, manicured surfaces like grass or turf. All-wheel steer, with four steerable axles, delivers a tighter turning radius than most ATVs, so you can maneuver in tight spaces without having to back up and reposition. Together with hydraulic power steering, maneuvering the Toolcat 5600 or 5610 is almost effortless.

tight turn radius

Steering Angle

Toolcat utility work machines turn on a dime. The steering angle allows the outside wheels to rotate faster than the inside wheels for fast, effortless turns around trees, through tight corners, on sensitive ground and when maneuvering in and out of tiny workspaces like in barns or between buildings.

Minimal Ground Disturbance

With some machines, you have to sacrifice ground disturbance to get tight-turning maneuverability. Each wheel of the Toolcat 5600 and 5610 moves separately through the turning arc and rolls smoothly through the turn. That means you won't have to spend time re-installing sod or planting grass after the job is done. Different Bobcat tire options also offer increased ground protection with the right balance of traction.

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Minimal Ground Disturbance

front or AWS

Front-Wheel Steer Or All-Wheel Steer

It's the best of both worlds. You can choose front-wheel steer for road travel or all-wheel steer when working in tight spaces or when aggressive steering is needed. Make the change from one steering mode to the other without leaving the operator's seat. Simply align the front and rear wheels using the AWS indicator lights, press the switch and away you go.

Change Directions Without Backing Up

Front-wheel steer vehicles are limited in confined areas because of their large turning radius. They have to back up, often several times, to change direction or make the turn. The tight turning radius of the Toolcat 5600 is perfect for mowing around trees, pushing snow around tight corners, maneuvering through horse corrals and barn stalls, and turning in tight spaces. It saves you time and increases your productivity because you don’t have to back up and reposition with every trip.