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Comfort Cab: Toolcat 5600 and 5610

Toolcat 5600 360 Toolcat 5610 360

Operator Area

Even people without equipment experience are surprised to see how easy it is to operate the Toolcat™ utility work machines. With automotive style controls and a heated, air-conditioned cab, both Bobcat® models have the fit, finish and comfort of an automobile.

Bobcat looks at comfort and ease-of-use from your point of view, and builds machines accordingly. The panoramic view offers a clear view of your attachments and surroundings.The large rear window on the Toolcat 5610 helps you easily see your rear implements and work area.

Everything you need to operate is cleanly laid out, within easy reach, and most importantly, simple to operate. A simple, responsive joystick provides hassle-free attachment control and a simple switch or lever activates most features. Click on the 360 degree icon to see the views inside a Toolcat 5600 and Toolcat 5610.

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Entering the Toolcat cab

Step In And Go

Getting in and out is so easy. It’s the same motion you use when settling in to drive your favorite automobile. The wide, low door openings give you ample room to comfortably ease in and out of the Toolcat 5600 or 5610. Use the convenient grab handles and optional step kit for added confidence and support.

Enclosed Cab With Heat/Air Conditioning

Work in comfort. The optional Bobcat enclosed cab offers heat and air conditioning to keep you comfortable no matter what the weather. Enjoy soothing heat in the coldest winter weather and refreshing air-conditioning on the hottest summer days. Comfortable working conditions can make operators more productive.

adjustable seat

Tilt Steering And Adjustable Seat

The Toolcat 5600 and 5610 have tilt steering and a driver's seat that easily adjusts to accommodate any operator. The seat slides forward and backward, allowing you to choose from 13 optional settings for your ultimate comfort. The steering wheel offers unlimited tilt positions. Simply move the steering wheel to the perfect spot. Pushing the lever down will lock it into place. View Adjustability

Increase operator comfort of the Toolcat 5600 or 5610 with the optional driver’s side suspension seat or optional floorboard riser kit, which allows you to adjust the brake and travel pedal height.

Shuttle shift

Shuttle Shift With Two-Speed

The Toolcat 5600 and 5610 are similar to a tractor with a shuttle shift for forward and reverse. They also come standard with a two-speed transmission which allows you to shift between high and low range on the fly, allowing you to complete your jobs faster and more efficiently.

attachments video screenshot

Work Lights

Work Lights

Work whenever you want. See your work at night or in low visibility conditions. The Toolcat 5600 and 5610 come standard with four work lights that illuminate the working area. Bobcat's optional road light kit offers even more lighting for night-time driving, with front road lights, rear work lights, a backup alarm, horn, turn signals, flashers, brake and tail lights, mirrors and a lower engine guard. Optional rear work lights and optional strobe light/beacon are also available. Check with your local DMV to confirm requirements for off-highway machinery on your local roads.

Toolcat controls

Controls Within Your Reach

Bobcat's ergonomic joystick provides effortless, intuitive fingertip control of the Toolcat utility machine's loader arm and attachments.

Easily make attachment adjustments on the fly with the optional Bobcat attachment control kit. It allows you to control secondary attachment functions like angle adjustments on the broom, blade or soil conditioner from the comfort of the cab.

Dual direction detent allows for continuous hydraulic flow to the attachment in either direction so you don't have to hold down a switch, making it easier when using bi-directional attachments such as sweepers and tillers.

The 5600 and 5610 offer lift arm float, allowing free flow of hydraulic oil in both directions so the attachment matches ground contours for optimum attachment performance. Float in forward for smooth performance with a seeder, snow blower and mower, or float in reverse for finish grading with a bucket or when you want to avoid tire marks on a seed bed.

The 5610's rear PTO, 3-point hitch and rear remote hydraulics options are all operated with simple controls inside the cab.

Hydraulic dump boxt

Hydraulic Dump Cargo Box

Save time and work with the hydraulic dump cargo box on the Toolcat 5600. With more cargo box capacity than a ½ ton pickup truck, you not only haul more but you can quickly and easily empty the hydraulic dump cargo box with the simple pull of a lever. You don't even have to leave the cab. No more shoveling material out of the back of a pickup. For the Toolcat 5610, hook up a dumping trailer and haul your cargo to its destination.

Shuttle shift

Optional Keyless Start

Stop searching for missing keys and reduce the risk of theft or unauthorized use with optional keyless start. This feature allows the operator to choose a unique four-digit code to start the Toolcat 5600 or 5610 without a key.

Toolcat Radio

Optional Radio/CD Player

Take your favorite music and radio programming with you on the job.
Check out radio/CD Player features.

Safety Features

Toolcat utility work machines also have great safety features. The Toolcat Interlock Control System (TICS™) prevents the operation of lift and tilt functions and drive system unless the operator is in the seat with the TICS bar down. The TICS bar also acts as an armrest for the driver. Seat belts and shoulder harnesses are included for the driver and passenger. The parking brake provides another level of security on steep surfaces. Increase operator safety with the optional rear window guard. Additional built-in safety features include an integrated hydraulic dump cargo box support and lift arm supports. Operator training course kits are available to easily train operators on the safety features of the Toolcat 5600 and 5610.

Training kit