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Maximum Traction, Minimal Disturbance
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Maximum Traction. Minimal Disturbance: Toolcat 5600 and 5610

Drive Through Tough Conditions Without Worry

Snow, ice, loose gravel or dirt…bring 'em on. They can't slow you down in the Toolcat™ utility work machine. The one-of-a-kind drive train includes four-wheel drive, horsepower management and hydrostatic traction control - so you never have to back down when the road gets rough.

Hydrostatic Traction Control

Utilizing limited slip differentials in both the front and the rear of the Toolcat 5600 and 5610, the HTC drive system automatically manages the torque split between the high-traction and low-traction tires. If one wheel loses tractive effort, HTC ensures that the wheel with the most traction maintains the most torque – without the need to engage any locks, buttons or levers.

more torque demonstrated in snow removal photo

Maximize Traction

The Toolcat 5600 and 5610, with Hydrostatic Traction Control, four-wheel drive and four-wheel independent suspension, deliver maximum traction in snowy or icy conditions on pavement or in barnyards or feedlots.

minimal tire damage and turf damage demonstrated by Toolcat turning

Minimize Ground Disturbance

Traditional off-road, full-time, four-wheel drive systems utilize locking differentials which cause "binding" when turning. This negative feedback increases turf damage. HTC eliminates this four-wheel drive characteristic from the Toolcat utility work machine's drive train, minimizing turf tear out when working on grass. It also reduces wear on your tires and minimizes marks on asphalt or pavement.

Hydrostatic Drive

The Toolcat 5600 and 5610 utilize a hydrostatic drive system in which one hydrostatic pump powers two drive motors, mounted to the limited slip differentials on the front and rear axles of the machine. This provides constant torque to all four wheels at all times for maximum traction.

attachments video screenshot

Four Wheel Drive

Four-Wheel Drive

The first of the many Bobcat® innovations in the D-Series Toolcat 5600 and 5610 is our exclusive hydrostatic four-wheel drive system. It delivers as much traction and torque as possible to power through snow or up an incline, while minimizing damage on turf. Together with front and rear tractive effort and all-wheel steering, the Toolcat utility work machine's drive train provides the perfect balance of excellent traction, smooth turning, minimized tire wear and outstanding turf protection.

Power When You Need It

When the machine encounters excess force, such as when mowing heavy brush, digging, tilling or working on a steep incline, Bobcat Horsepower Management makes the necessary adjustment to deliver maximum efficiency and productivity. In the video, you'll see Horsepower Management automatically adjust travel speed to compensate for the increased load on the machine as it goes up the hill, maintaining engine rpm and attachment performance.

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Toolcat tire options

Tire Options

The Standard Tire (left):
Available in 27 x 8.5-15, 27 x 10.5-15 and 29 x 10.5-15 options.

The Turf Tire (right):
Available in 29 x 12.5-15.