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3-Point Hitch: Toolcat 5610

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3-Point Hitch

Unlock more possibilities for your Toolcat™ utility work machine. The optional 3-point hitch on the Toolcat 5610 gives you the versatility of a compact tractor combined with the lifting, towing and attachment capabilities of the Toolcat 5600. Add the optional PTO and rear remote hydraulics for limitless implement options.

Pair your existing 3-point implements (Category 1) with the unmatched versatility of the Toolcat 5610. Perform your usual 3-point implement jobs, or hook up an attachment and 3-point implement to easily transition between tasks: Blow snow, then blade the tight corners. Sweep, then blow leaves or debris.

3-Point Hitch

Category 1 Implements

With 3-point implements and the Toolcat 5610, your work options grow. The 3-point hitch accepts all Category 1 implements and lifts up to 1450lbs with no bucket. so you can complete dozens of tasks. Popular implements include:

Simple Operation

The Toolcat 5610’s 3-point hitch is simple to use and let you focus on the job. The depth indicator helps you easily return the implement to its most productive position. Minimize the guesswork and accomplish more in less time.

When the terrain is uneven, the mechanical float ensures that your implement maintains constant contact with the ground. The float feature provides smooth, consistent performance across your job site.

Work Mode

work mode Use work mode for precise control of the Toolcat 5610’s travel speed when you attach implements, load material, line up attachments and implements, operate a trencher or tiller, or grade or work around structures. Work mode only works in low range and changes the machine’s reaction to the travel pedal position. Learn More

Toolcat 5610 360

Easy Visibility

Your 3-point implements have never been so visible and accessible. The Toolcat 5610 has a sloped rear cover and large rear window for clear views of your implement and work area. Easily adjust to changing terrain, monitor the performance of your implement and ensure the best-possible work. Click on the 360 degree icon to look inside a Toolcat 5610.

Lift Rod Adjustments

The 3-point hitch’s right lift rod has a turnbuckle that helps level the implement from side-to-side. The turnbuckle on the top link allows front-to-back implement adjustments. You'll quickly complete the changeover and move on to your next task.

Adjustable Sway Linkage

The sway linkage on the Toolcat 5610 adjusts side-to-side for accurate implement positioning and easier implement changes. For jobs such as mowing or tilling, it may be more productive to offset your implement to one side.