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Four Wheel Independent Suspension: Toolcat 5600 and 5610

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Operator Comfort

The Toolcat™ 5600 and 5610 are the first loaders to offer four-wheel independent suspension. Each wheel travels up and down independently, isolating the frame from changes in the terrain and providing a smoother ride, even at a top travel speed of 18 mph. Compared to a tractor, other types of loaders and even utility vehicles, one of the first things you'll notice is the increase in comfort. It is hard to believe that tough machines like the Toolcat 5600 and 5610 can deliver such a smooth ride.

independent suspension

Four Wheel Independent Suspension

Get the job done faster and more comfortably. The Bobcat® four-wheel independent suspension system, including A-frames, suspension coils, shocks and suspension stops, isolates the frame and all four wheels to provide top-of-the-line comfort while maximizing traction, attachment performance and turning performance. Learn More

Toolcat 5610 with grapple and brushcat

Better Attachment and Implement Performance

The frame of the Toolcat utility work machine is isolated from the wheels, lessening the movement of the Bobcat attachment in bumpy terrain. The four-wheel independent suspension provides more wheel-to-ground contact when traveling over uneven ground, absorbing the shock when hitting holes, divots and ruts. This reduces bounce, spillage and vibration when carrying materials and keeps attachments and implements level and working at peak performance, especially in applications that demand steady ground contact for maximum productivity, such as mowing and snow removal.

suspension stops

Suspension Stops

Specially designed suspension stops provide support at maximum lift or payload capacity. Each time you lift a heavy load in the front or carry a heavy load in the Toolcat 5600's hydraulic dump cargo box, the rubber stops are engaged to provide needed support for the job at hand. On the Toolcat 5610, the suspension stops are also engaged when you raise rear implements attached to the optional 3-point hitch.

maximum traction

Maximum Traction

Maintain performance in challenging conditions with the traction control system. The system automatically redistributes torque to the wheels when you encounter wheel spin from low-traction conditions or uneven ground situations, giving you the benefits similar to a locking differential. Activate or deactivate the system using a switch from inside the cab. The system is standard on the 5610 and available as an option on the 5600.

All models feature four-wheel independent suspension to isolate the machine from terrain changes by maintaining tire to ground contact. Learn More.

long wheel base

Longer Wheel Base

When traveling over uneven ground, the longer wheel base allows the independent suspension of each tire more time to adjust between each impact. The wheelbase is longer than most utility vehicles to lessen the impact of bumps and dips, and more evenly distributes the weight of the machine.