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Versatility in Front – and in Back: Toolcat 5610

Tackle two jobs at once. With the Toolcat™ 5610, one machine simplifies your day. It has options for a 3-point hitch, PTO and rear remote hydraulics – and it shares the lifting, towing and attachment capabilities of the Toolcat 5600.

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Toolcat 5610 Utility Work Machine

Regardless of the project or season, your work options are endless with the Toolcat 5610:

  • Operate your existing 3-point hitch implements
  • Use 40+ attachments
  • Complete two tasks in one pass
  • Lift 1500 lb. seven feet high with the front-mounted lift arm
  • Automatic traction control system improves performance in low traction and uneven ground situations
  • Tow 4000 lb. with the 2 in. standard receiver hitch
  • Transport you and a passenger

The video (above) illustrates the Toolcat 5610 in action. Simple switches and levers operate the PTO, 3-point hitch and throttle functions from the comfort of the cab. Rear remote hydraulics control the snowblower's chute direction and angle. The sloped rear cover and large rear window provide clear views of your implement and work area.

Front and Rear Work Options

The Toolcat 5610 creates new combinations of versatility. Attach your existing 3-point hitch implements (Category 1) and perform tasks typically reserved for a compact tractor. Power your implements with the available PTO. Use the rear remote hydraulics for greater control of your implements.

Purchase or rent more than 40 easy-to-use Bobcat® attachments available for the Toolcat 5600 and 5610. Change attachments in under a minute with the standard Bob-Tach™ mounting system. Use the ergonomic joystick to line up the attachment, lock the levers and go.

Condition soil and seed grass, or haul branches and operate a rotary cutter. Pick up square bales and haul them home. Using the Toolcat 5610's front and rear capabilities, you can operate one hydraulic attachment/implement and one non-hydraulic attachment/implement at the same time. Finish two tasks in one pass.

3-Point Hitch

3-Point Hitch

Complete dozens of tasks by adding a Bobcat 3-point hitch to your Toolcat 5610. The system accepts all Category 1 implements and lifts up to 1775 lb. You can mow, till, blade, mulch, move snow and more. Operation is simple with a depth indicator, mechanical float, work mode and easy visibility. More 3-Point Hitch


Expand your implement options with the available hydraulic PTO on the Toolcat 5610. Designed only for Toolcat models equipped with high-flow hydraulics, the 540 rpm hydraulic PTO motor operates with the push of a button. More Integrated PTO

Traction Control System

Activate the automatic traction control system for improved performance in low traction and uneven ground situations. When wheels start to slip, the system intelligently transfers torque to where it’s needed most. Learn More

3-Point Hydraulic Hitch

Rear Remote Hydraulics

For greater control of 3-point implements, add rear remote hydraulics to your Toolcat 5610. The option provides five gpm of momentary hydraulic flow using a switch inside the cab. Gain precision as you place snow, move dirt, dump materials and more. More Rear Remote Hydraulics

Storage Bins

The Toolcat 5610 has two storage bins located on the rear cover. Each bin holds up to 50 lb. so you can transport tools and supplies without carrying them in the cab.

Hauling Trailer Options

To haul and unload cargo with your Toolcat 5610, hook up a hydraulic dumping trailer to dump loads without leaving the cab. Hook up a flatbed trailer to haul larger items.