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Hauling: Toolcat 5600 and 5610

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Make Fast Work Of Hauling And Dumping Loads

Save time and work with the hydraulic dump cargo box on the Toolcat™ 5600. With more cargo box capacity than a ½ ton pickup truck, you not only haul more with the Toolcat 5600 but you can quickly and easily empty the hydraulic dump cargo box with the simple pull of a lever. You don’t even have to leave the cab. To haul loads with the Toolcat 5610, hook up a hydraulic dumping trailer and go to work.

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Do It All With One Machine

Toolcat utility work machines get you there and get the job done. With an auger on the front, tools and fencing materials in the hydraulic dump cargo box, and a passenger in the cab, the Toolcat 5600 gives you one-stop fencing on wheels.

The Toolcat 5610 has even greater front and rear capabilities. It combines lifting, towing, attachment and implement capabilities with options for 3-point hitch, PTO and rear remote hydraulics. Attach your existing 3-point hitch implements (category 1) and perform tasks typically reserved for a compact tractor. Power your implements with the available PTO. Use the rear remote hydraulics for greater control of your implements. The combinations are endless – including the ability to finish two jobs in one pass.

transports passengers

Transport A Passenger/Co-worker

Why bring more than one vehicle to the job when you don’t need to? Transport a passenger or co-worker as well as the materials, tools, attachments and implements you need for the job. Operation is easy, with features such as joystick control for loader functions, and a two-speed, hydrostatic drive system that features shift-on-the-fly operation and 18 mph travel speed.

carry tools

Carry Tools, Attachments And Materials

Most utility vehicles have a payload capacity of about 1000 lb. The Toolcat 5600 hauls twice that - 2000 lbs! And the Toolcat 5600’s hydraulic dump cargo box with 16.59 cubic feet of cargo room makes fast and simple work of unloading materials.

removable side panels

Removable Side Panels

When moving pallets, generators, large tools, bulky equipment, attachments or supplies, the side panels of the Toolcat 5600’s hydraulic dump cargo box can be removed and the box becomes a flatbed. More

Stake pockets

Stake Pockets Accommodate Higher Side Panels

The hydraulic dump cargo box stake pockets on the Toolcat 5600 accept higher side panels for hauling taller cargo.

easy open tailgate

Easy Open Tailgate

The easy open tailgate is also removable when converting the Toolcat 5600’s cargo box into a flatbed or for easier loading/unloading of materials.