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Lifting: Toolcat 5600 and 5610

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It’s a Powerful Loader

A skid-steer loader, with its numerous attachments and compact size, can do hundreds of jobs. Versatile as it is, it still can’t haul material, tow a trailer or carry a passenger. With more than 40 interchangeable attachments and great maneuverability, Toolcat™ utility work machines have two of the best features of a skid-steer loader, plus it has a seat for a passenger, hydraulic dump cargo box(Toolcat 5600 only), trailering capabilities and 18 mph travel speed.

It Handles Heavy Loads

The Toolcat utility work machines offer high productivity and rugged durability rolled into one. Lift heavy loads up to seven feet high in small spaces where you can’t fit a truck or tractor. Specially designed suspension stops provide support at maximum lift capacity of 1500 lb*.

40+ Attachments = Versatility

The Toolcat™ 5600 and 5610 have the ability to interchange more than 40 Bobcat® attachments in less than a minute – no tools necessary. This makes it easy to mow in the morning, sweep sidewalks in the afternoon and dig post holes in the evening.

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360 Degree View

See your work

Ease stress and strain on your back and neck. The roomy cab offers a panoramic view for comfortable operation of your Bobcat attachments.

* The Toolcat 5610 must be equipped with a 3-point hitch or ballast kit to achieve maximum ROC.