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Towing: Toolcat 5600 and 5610

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Tow With Confidence

With a 2” standard receiver hitch and 4000 lb. towing capacity, the Toolcat™ 5600 and 5610 offer the towing convenience of a pickup truck with much more maneuverability. It can tow twice as much weight as a typical utility vehicle, and skid-steer loaders don’t have the capability to tow. It’s just one more example of how versatile you become with the Toolcat 5600 and 5610.

standard hitch

Standard Receiver Hitch

The Toolcat 5600 and 5610, with a standard 2” receiver hitch and 4000 lb. towing capacity, can easily satisfy the majority of maintenance-related towing requirements. Both models tow considerably more than the typical 1300 lb. towing capacity of a utility vehicle.

advanced HBS brakes

Hydrostatic Braking System

The primary Hydrostatic Braking System (HBS) has no wear items and is practically maintenance free. As the travel pedal is depressed on the Toolcat 5600 or 5610, it commands a flow of oil through the system, which in turn causes the machine to move. When the operator releases the travel pedal, the pump de-strokes, slowing and stopping the flow of oil, which in turn, slows and stops the vehicle.

multi-disc wet brakes

Multi-Disc Wet Brakes

The secondary brake system utilizes spring-applied, pressure release multi-disc wet brakes on each axle to provide more aggressive braking when commanded by the operator. The use of the multi-disc wet brakes only during demanding braking applications minimizes wear to the components. View Larger Image